Friday, January 1, 2010

Det är Början på Något Nytt! (The start of something new!)

This year, I hope that I'll be a better person. Book more modeling gigs! (Yeah!) And I do hope that whatever challenges I face in this year, I hope that I'll overcome them and learn from the mistakes in did in the year 2009. I hope that I'll mature and be a man. Make decisions and stand up for what I do. I'll go to the gym and work out na ulit! I'll study hard. Think twice, or even thrice, before I even do anything. . . Well, this blog entry is not really about my resolutions for this year. This is, again, about my love life na sobrang pang-tanga lang at sobrang bitter. . .

Again, we will go back to Nate. . .

I was really surprised that he started talking to me again. I mean texting me. I really do hope that this year will bring a new start for the two of us. I'm not setting my hopes up na babalikan nya pa din ako. Pero that's what I've been wishing.

Before we get into Nate, I have to tell you about a movie that I watched just recently.

Ang title ng movie ay "500 Days of Summer" Anak ng tukneneng talaga!!! Kung baril at may bala lang ang movie na yun, siguro opening credits pa lang, duguaan na ako at butas butas na ang suot ko! Patama talaga! HAHAHA! Buti na lang masarap ang mac and cheese na gawa ko. :))

Feeling ko nga, I'm watching myself there eh. (Weh? Meganon?)

Anyways, let's go back to the Nate-and-Gaspard situation. . .

So he texted me, asking kung kelan daw ako free. I was surprised, well. . .honestly. . . I really wasn't expecting that. I "know" we were kinda / sort of in good terms na with each other after what happened (I think). I gave him the dates na free ako and when I asked him why, he told me that he's thinking kung kelan ko daw sya ililibre. hehehehe. OMG! So isang date ba ito? (Sana talaga! Im crossing my fingers!)

So, I got to know kung kelan sya comfortable. Actually, wala na akong pakialam sa schedule ko. Basta sya kasama ko, okay lang. Nako! Pumalakpak pati tenga ko sa sobrang tuwa. . .

I told him na I missed him sooo much and I am sooo looking forward for that day na we will go out with each other. I'm super excited!

Bigla syang nag-text na "Che! Eh may Chuck ka naman eh."

I told him na we stopped communicating na, which is kinda true. . .

Tapos hindi na naman sya nag-reply. Nyek!

Kamustahan na nga lang kami ni Chuck eh. Wala nang flirting. Friends na lang kami. As in F-R-I-E-N-D-S.

Again, to Nate. . .

I am super happy na kahit papaano, he's paving the way para magkausap at magkita kami ng personal. I think he still doesn't believe me when I said that I missed him. I do miss him. I still love him. (Note: Love is different from like.)

Could this be my chance to make it up to him? I "think" we can no longer be lovers but I'm keeping my hopes up (ayan na naman ako. . . hindi na natuto. . . ). If things didn't work out last year, then some thing right might happen this year, for the both of us. Sigh.

I'm looking forward to meet him again. Hoping to start and hopefully build a new relationship, a relationship that will last, either be lovers once more, or just be friends. Which ever will last longer.

I am thankful for what the Lord has been doing for me. I am blessed that I am meeting great people. People who made big changes in my life. I am thankful that I am learning. I am thankful that at some point, I'm starting to think more of an adult than a teenager, which is a good thing.

Let's be positive that this year is gonna be a great year.


I am sooooooooooooo excited! XP

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