Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bönen ( the prayer)

Our Father in Heaven
I bow my head before Thee
To thank You for the many wonderful blessings thou art has given me
I thank Thee for the time I have been spending with my family
Thank You for the challenges and trials that You have bestowed upon me
For those brick walls, as tall as mountains, strengthen the soul inside of me
Heavenly Father
Thank You for the love that I feel from You
Thank You for showing that You care for Your children
For helping me be a stronger man
To think wisely
And show humility and meekness
I pray to Thee, Heavenly Father
I thank You for helping me someone that I could trust
Someone that I could give my life to
Thank You for showing me how it feels to love someone
I really do appreciate that, my Lord
This time, Father
I ask Thee for guidance
To lead me to a safe place
Help me forgive myself for all the things that I have been doing wrong
Father, I ask Thee for repentance
Please guide my soul
I ask, my Father, to touch our soul each and every day
Continue to shower us with love and patience
Please enlighten our minds
Take care of my family,
Take care of me,
Bless the people that I love
That they may never experience any pain
As they don't deserve that
I love you
My Heavenly Father,
I surrender my life to You
With this, I humbly pray
In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ

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