Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bekännelse? (A Confession?)

I really don't know if I should be flattered or not. Lately, some guys, or should I say, gays, from our office or friends of friends that have added me sa facebook are either hitting on me or trying to flirt. For instance, this guy, added me at Facebook. I accepted the invitation because he was an officemate before and we share a common friend. Little do I know na his intentions were different. He has been persistently trying to get my number for the past few days and it has been giving me a headache. I was just being kind. Madami na palang tao ang nakaka-misinterpret ng kabaitan ko. If I was just being friendly, some of them would be thinking that I'm flirting back at them.

Then one guy at the office, and I swear na ipapa-report ko na sya sa HR department namin. One time, he grabbed my butt sa comfort room namin while I was taking a leak. I looked at him straight in the eye. Nabwusit ako. I feel violated. And this same guy approached me earlier this day. I was reading some things sa bulletin board namin. Then he passed by and whispered in my ear (tae talaga sya) "ang sarap naman ng nagbabasa". Muntik ko na sya sapakin.

May nag-approach na isa pang officemate sa akin, na isang gay guy. May gusto daw mag-apply sa akin. I asked "what do you mean "apply"?". He told me "apply" as in manligaw. So isa ba akong trophy sa office na ito? Ayoko ng may mga nakatingin sa akin. Ayoko ng chismis. Haaaaay.

And just recently, my co-worker sent me an e-mail. I've known from the start that he is PLU naman eh and it didn't bother me. Isang confession sya actually, saying that he misses me when I'm not around. That its very hard for him to erase me from his mind. And he was trying to tell, I mean, he sent some parts of that e-mail in "swedish". Nag-effort? Grabe. At ang naging reply ko? "Whatever!" Hindi ko tuloy alam kung iiwasan ko na sya dahil sa confession na yun. Medyo awkward na din kasi eh. 

Okay. I know I should be flattered that a few people are into me, pero it's really kinda off and awkward if they start to pour out their feelings towards you and some of them start to get physical. What should I do? Should I just play along with it? Should I just be happy and enjoy the attention while it last? I don't know.

By the way, may mga numbers pa din na nagte-text sa akin na hindi ko naman kakilala. They would want to know me better daw. I never reply to them. Ayoko muna, lalo na kung sa office. Mahirap na, lalo't familiar na ako sa mga tao dun. Tsk tsk. Mahirap makaporma... hahahaha! Pero sana si Nate, Chuck or Pojke na lang yung nagpa-paramdam. Tatanggapin ko pa! Meganon? Hahahahaahhahaahah!


Alam ko. Ang kapal ng mukha ko. HAHAHAHA!

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