Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mitt Löfte Till Celibat (My Vow to Celibacy)

Today is a good Sunday for me. Our topic for Sunday school is sexual purity. This is a big thing in our church. We value our virginity. We're not even allowed to jack off. (Yeah... I know). Anyways, I've realized that I've been doing that for 19 years of my life until last year when I did it with a guy. I was in love then. Ayun ang katwiran ko. Then again, it should never be like that. Sex should not be done out of boredom. Or just because you've met someone you think is your soulmate. It should only be done only within the walls of marriage. You should only give your body and soul to someone if that one person will be with you for the rest of your life. I think it shows that you're preparing your body and soul to that one perfect person that will love you. That will stay with you, for all eternity. I've already had sex with one person. I will not do it again until I know that he (or might be a "she") will be with me forever, or if ever possible, within the bonds of marriage. This is a promise that I will keep. No one will ever get a hold of me. I swear. My "first time" was really special for me, and I remember him being a gentleman. I hope that the next time I will make love with someone, we'll stay for good.

Tulad nga ng narinig ko na kasabihan mula sa TV show na "Glee"

"It's all about the teasing and not the pleasing!" (said with the most annoying flirty girl tone)

I think I'm good at "teasing" naman eh... hahaha! Nagpapahabol muna... LOL!

Have a great Holy Week everyone! Be safe!

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