Friday, March 26, 2010

Regnar Igen (It's Raining Again)

It's raining again. The last time it rained, everything was falling into their proper places. It seemed like the tiny droplets of water is falling to the place where their really supposed to crash. When I was still young, I loved watching the rain fall. It was one of the greatest feeling, yeah... when you're a kid. I remember a lot of things when it rains. And probably the greatest one was when I met him. When we kissed. When we hugged. When we made love. When we drank at coffee shops. When we go out on dates. It's kind of sad that I will only see the rain as droplets of water simply falling into the ground. No feelings. No emotions. Just the water.

It WAS one of the greatest feelings. Yeah. It was. I should just be thankful that it happened. That for once, the rain symbolized something more than water droplets. Aphrodite really is powerful. Love really does make you see things in a different way.

It's raining outside...

I find solace. I'm at home. There is peace. Hatred will only show how immature you are, as a person. You can never hate him. I've just realized that... for the nth time...

I despise the fact that I can't forget him. I know he has been doing great things, without me. I know he is happy. Without me. I wish I could do the same.

Lumalakas ba ang ulan sa labas?

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