Friday, April 30, 2010

Detta Fick Mig att Tänka (This Got Me Thinking)

My officemate has been acting really weird. This has been going on for the past few weeks but I never really paid too much attention to it. Ayoko maging feeler. Hahaha.

To start things off, the two of us, along with other two guys belong to a group that people call the "coverboys". Ang corny... (Eto na po. Magbubuhat na ako ng bangko. Kung ayaw nyo mayabangan, skip to the next paragraph na lang.) We are four guys sa group na yun and the reason why people called us that way is because there are a number of people who would like to go out with us or some people think that we're handsome or something like that. Parang mga "office crushes".

I have been noticing that this guy has been getting really close to me. I know for a fact that he wants to go out with our girl officemate but then she's already married. And he's already in a complicated relationship with another girl. I think he's the third wheel in that relationship. Okay, let's skip some details.

Again, for the past few days, I have been noticing his actions towards me are really kinda getting weird. He would talk more often to me or hang out with me. This is weird because we weren't really close before. Is he just opening up because we've been officemates for months now? He would always ask me to accompany him whenever he goes out to buy something or to just go to the comfort room. (Diba? Parang ang weird? Babae lang naman ang nagtatawag ng back-up bago makarating ng CR eh.) Then another officemate, to whom I'm really close with, approached me and asked me something.

"Are you going out with Beau?" (sige na nga... Beau na ang codename nya!)

"No, why?"

"Nothing. Just asking." (Then sabay irap sya sa akin... tapos may ngiti na nakakaloko... yung parang masarap tusukin ang mata! heheheh)

So hindi lang pala ako ang nakakahalata? Then one time, and this is the thing that really made me even more curious about him, most of my officemates were on lunch. You know what? He waited for me to finish what I'm doing so that we can take our lunch together.

One of our officemates has a zit on his face. Then he said "Nakakainis! May pimple na naman ako! In love kasi eh!"

Then all of a sudden Beau said "Ako din eh." Then he looked and smiled at me?!?!?!? Ano ito? Lokohan? Nagulat lang talaga ako! Akala ko ba talaga straight sya?

He even called me one night just to ask me if I wanna go to work or not.

Then just a few minutes ago, he called me to ask if I'm going to Ayala today because our "officemates" are going out for a group lunch kasi I'm on leave.

I dunno what to do. Actually, I should not be doing anything diba? Ang weird nya... Let's see how this goes. Is this a start of something new.... and interesting... Let's see.

A bien tot, Beau! Je t'embrasse! (nyek! feeler na nga ako! hahahaha!)


Anonymous said...

"Akala ko ba talaga straight sya?"

Parang ikaw pala. XD

Gaspard said...

Hahahahaha! Oo nga pala! Sssshhhhhh! Wag ka na lang maingay ha! :P