Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gå och Se (Go and See)

I think my agent is gonna kill me now. I haven't been able to go to "go-sees" because of my regular work schedule. For this week ONLY, I missed 2 VTRs and 1 go-see for a fashion show. Sigh.

I'm not really prioritizing this kind of "work" naman eh. It's just that I'm having way more fun in this compared to my regular job. Part of being a model is that you get to attend parties and meet new people. You also get eat a lot for free (specially during commercial shootings) and you get the clothes for free!

And if you really devote your time in this kind of "work", maybe it's gonna be good as a regular work... But the thing here is that in this kind of industry, nothing is permanent. People may see you as too old when you turn 23 years old. Weird. At eto pa! Marami nang bago! I mean, there are a lot of newcomers who are still "fresh". The worst part is that you have to compete. Anyways, I'm not focusing in modelling naman eh.


I just hate it when I want to go to go-sees but then because of other things, I don't get to make habol. Maybe next time na lang. Go-see season pa naman ngayon. Tsk.

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