Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jag Känsla Bra (I'm feeling good)

Finally, after so many months of hoping that he will come back, I got over him na. We're not really meant for each other anyway. It's about time that I realized that. Super nakakapagod. Ako lang naman ang pumipilit sa sarili ko eh. Anyways, I am feeling good. I still think about him though, but not that much. I try to text him but then I can control myself na. I keep myself from doing it. Maybe one day, I'll have the courage to see him. Somewhere. Di ko pa kaya ngayon. I'm not mad at him anymore. Everything happens for a reason naman eh. Maybe God wants me to realize that I should prepare myself pa. I'm still a boy. I was not yet ready for a relationship. Maybe a few youth experiments would be fine. ( XP )

I would like to thank Nate, Chuck and Pojke. They had impacted me, in some sort of weird and wonderful way. I had fun. Seriously though, I wish I could have known these guys much better. You guys are really interesting. You made me laugh. Made me cry. (Lalo ka na, Nate. Tae ka.) (Joke lang) You made me horny. At times. You made me feel good. Or even made me fall in love.

There are some things that I could never really get back, once I've lost them. Hopefully, that could only be applied to things. Sayang naman kung pati mga tao, hindi mo na pwede balikan. Okay. Right now, I'm just a friend to these guys. Wala nang expectations. I should keep my distance though.

Sabi sa akin ng officemate ko, if what you felt for that person is really love, then after you break up, you would want to keep distance from them. Awkward na daw kasi. I dunno. Maybe she's right. 

I'm still 20 years old. I should be in no hurry. There are a lot of guys there that are willing to be with me. I just have to wait for them. Maybe, dadating din si Mr. Right. For the mean time, i-e-enjoy ko muna ang pagiging single at independent. I'm not really looking for a relationship now. But I'm willing to meet guys out there. I just don't know where to begin. Saan kaya? Hhhhmmmm.... At paano? Ang hirap naman nito....

Anyways, maybe one day, I can start all over again with these guys... And I wish they would really show who they are....

*****     ***     C*******      - Ingat ka palagi ha! Hindi pa kita kaya harapin. Nacu-cute-an pa din kasi ako sayo eh. Hahahahaha! Next time na lang. Kapag wala na talaga akong feelings for you... Goodluck on finding your soulmate ha! Madami ka na yatang napaiyak na guys eh! Loko ka! (Sabay yakap ng mahigpit!)

****    ********    ***    C*****    - Ikaw din ha! Wag mo pabayaan ang partner mo! Mahal ka nyan. At wag mo sya lolokohin! I have to tell you something though. Awkward pa din kapag nagkakasalubong tayo sa hallway or lobby. Hehehe. At hindi bagay sayo ang magpa-kalbo, okay? hehehe

******    ******    C******   - Ikaw na yata ang pinakamalibog sa tatlong guys na nakasama ko. Pero okay lang. Ikaw ang pinaka-hot eh. Hahaha! At mag-ingat ka sa mga pino-post mo sa internet ha! Nagkalat na ang scandal mo! (Joke lang!) See you when I come back to school! Sigaw ka lang at kembot pa ha! Hehehe!

My soulmate - Ingat ka palagi ha. Mahal na mahal kita. I'm sorry that I'm not the perfect guy for you pero thanks for being there and accepting me for who I am. Cheesy ako, right? Basta, we can make it. I know that these challenges and barriers  will only make our relationship last longer. I love you. I'm always gonna be in love with you. See you tonight! (Kung sino ka man, I hope I wouldn't meet you too soon..... let's take our time muna....)

*****    ****   M****** - I am Gaspard


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