Friday, April 23, 2010

Kommer jag fortfarande att en vän? (Will i still be a friend?)

Will I still be a friend? You know what, after almost a month of not speaking, texting, thinking of him, (basically what I SHOULD be doing for the past few months), I'm finally okay. I could say that definitely, I got over him. I feel good. I feel contented. Before, I was just used to fooling myself into thinking that I was done. This time, it's for real. I still love and care for him but I can honestly say, I'm no longer in love with Nate. Maybe one day, I can just talk to him like a friend.

When I see him pass by, I want to talk to him. Feeling ko super stressed na sya sa work nya. Tsk tsk. Lagi syang bangag. Haaay. Anyways, ayun nga. Kapag nagkikita kami sa hallway, kung hindi nya ako iirapan, parang wala syang nakita! Nako! Dukutin ko mata mo eh!

One time nga, parang gusto ko sya pag-tripan. Like if we're gonna bump into each other or magkita kami sa hallway, magpapa-cute ako or will send him flying kisses. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Natatawa ako kapag naiisip ko yun.

Ooooppppssss.... His birthday is almost here na. Just like what I've read sa isang blog, I don't know if I will be able to greet him. After what happened between the both of us, will I still be able to start new with him? Not only Nate, but also with the other two guys, Chuck and Pojke?

I still want to be your friend. Pat you at the back when you've done something good or punch you in the face when you did something bad.... I still want to be your friend. To start a casual conversation, to laugh or to sip non-caffeinated  drinks. Maybe catch up with one another one of these days.... Maybe in the future...

Oh well... I'll just hold on to love! WEEEEEEHHHHH!!!!

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