Sunday, May 9, 2010

de tio saker du behöver veta (the ten things you need to know)

This entry was originally created on the 19th of December 2009. I don't know why I haven't published it yet, which is kinda weird because when I'm done typing something, I publish it right away. (And that is also one reason, I think, that I have a lot of errors and typos on my entries because I never read them or edit them.)


Ten Things that I think You Should Know About Nate

1. If he says he likes/loves you, he really means it. He will make you feel it naman eh.
2. He is very seloso so choose the stories that you're gonna tell him. (evil laugh!) (But sometimes do make him selos kasi he looks soooo darn funny and cute when he's on "selos mode".)
3. Always try to do something sweet  for him because he appreciates even the smallest things that you do.
4. When he needs attention, he sometimes tend to nag. (which is cute :D)
5. He is always stressed out. Try to say that you love him and make him feel it or give him a warm hug whenever you can... this will somehow make him smile.
6. Kiss him on the lips like its the first time you kissed somebody. Sparks will always fly.
7. When he asks you how are you, don't just tell him na okay lang. He won't like that. The type of conversations that you have with another person determines your relationship with one another. Communicate.
8. When he is uber busy, instead of him finding time for you, try to adjust to his schedule (even if you have to wait for hours... but the wait is really worth it. Trust me.)
9. He likes it when you look good, neat and presentable. (Shouldn't everyone?)
10. Walk with him until you know he's safe to ride a bus/cab to home/condo unit. Walking with him will feel like you can walk forever.

But I think the eleventh thing is the one that I really like.

His eyes looks best when he doesn't wear his glasses. Through his eyes, you'll know he is a good guy.


After reading that list, I really cannot remember how I fell in love with Nate. Maybe it was so fast I barely noticed that I already fell.

Just like what I've told you at the beginning of this entry, I really don't know the exact reason why I didn't publish this after typing this list. Maybe because I wasn't ready to give up on my love for him? That I needed more time before I could "give him away"? I forgot the reason why... Oh well. It doesn't really matter now. If this entry really WAS IMPORTANT, then maybe I could have remembered to post it right away (or last year or earlier this year) and not just this May.


Anonymous said...

Having a boyish charm was how another blogger described his appeal...

Gaspard said...

"Having a boyish charm was how another blogger described his appeal..."

ako yata yung blogger(?) na yun eh! hehehehe :P

Gaspard said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

Anonymous said...

Why the "OMG!"? Haha.

Gaspard said...

uhmmm....ahhhh....nothing (?).... never mind... i might be wrong sa iniisip ko... hehehe XP