Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hans Födelsedag (His Birthday)

Tomorrow is gonna be Nate's birthday. I kept note of his birthday when he showed me his passport last year. Well, this is what happened. I have been searching for a nice present to give. I was thinking of buying a book for him but then I remembered that he doesn't really have the time to read books anymore (tamad kasi magbasa ng libro!). Anyways, I have looked everywhere... as in everywhere... to find him a suitable gift. I started off with the mall near our house, then Alabang Town Center (with the help of a good friend), then went to SM Mall of Asia, then Glorietta and finally Greenbelt.

I remembered something that really made me smile. It was a book called "The Book of Answers". You would have to think of a closed ended question then flip the pages of the book then STOP. And voila! There is your answer. It was kinda funny for me. I had fun flipping through its pages. I first saw that book at the mall near our house. Nung gusto ko na sya balikan, sabi na lang sa akin ni Ate sa National Bookstore "wala na po. awtopistak na po". So I just thought maybe some other malls might still have that book. But I was wrong. BIG TIME.

Effort talaga! I had to go from one bookstore to another to find that book! And I was lucky when I went to Ayala. The Powerbooks at Greenbelt had a copy. Their one last soft bound copy. Was I supposed to give this to Nate? I just had to try the book first.

Was I supposed to give this to Nate?

Trust your intuition.

Was I supposed to give this to Nate?

Of course.

After five minutes of flipping through its pages for any tear on a page or dirty fingerprints, I decided to buy it! I went back home tired but super happy because I was able to get the last copy of that book! I was hoping to buy one for myself nga eh pero niregalo ko na lang. Oh well. I hope the next batch of books will arrive soon.

After that, I remembered (again) a cake that we shared before. It was supposed to be soooo good it's practically orgasmic. Nice. So I bought one too!

Right after work, I have texted him right away so that I can give those to him. It feels kinda weird. I dunno. Maybe its kinda weird talking to him again after ignoring him or getting rid of him from my mind for almost a month. One blogger did not greet his ex a happy birthday personally. Yes. I think it is his way of just moving on. I think he chose to do the right thing. But I also think that by choosing to greet and give a present to Nate on his birthday (technically, a day before his birthday), is also a good thing. Friends do greet each other when they have birthdays, right?

After talking to him for just a few minutes, I had to go home na din. I still feel tired. Actually, while I was waiting for him, I kept on falling asleep in our office! Hahaha! I left that present inside his bag with a big smile plastered on my face. Fulfillment. I hope this will be the start of a real friendship? Bromance? Let's see what happens. Maybe God destined us to be just friends than be lovers. Maybe we'll stay longer with each other if we're just friends.


Grattis till dig, grattis till dig, grattis till dig! Matanda ka na, Kuya Nate! Hahaha!


Anonymous said...

Effort talaga! Doing that much to ensure someone (with whom you have yet to start a real friendship) will have a happy birthday... That's just so cool of you, Zivy.

Gaspard said...

aww... shocks (blushes...) I wanted to give him a present kasi I know that he is still someone special to me. I think he will still have a great birthday with or without me doing that pero ginawa ko na din. Just like what I've said on another blog, he's still toooooooooo darn cute to be ignored. Hehehehe.

By the way, do you blog, sir? Can you send me a link?

Gaspard said...

and when is your birthday so that I can greet you! :P

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... :X Hehe.

My blog... :X Haha.

And my birthday... :X Lol!

Gaspard said...