Friday, May 7, 2010

Mycket gripande och nostalgisk (touching and nostalgic)

"Kahit na hindi din naging kami sa huli, siya pa din ang first love ko..."

That's how important you are to me. See you around! XP


Anonymous said...


My first will also be the last! If only I know where that person is... Haha.

Gaspard said...

You will find him. Soon. And while you're waiting, make the most out of being single! (considering you still are single)

are you still single, sir? :D

Anonymous said...

May gusto akong sapukin. LOL!

Haha. No youth experiments for me, sir. :P

Gaspard said...

"May gusto akong sapukin. LOL!" - tsk tsk... violence is never the answer. but it feels good so do it anyways...hehehe

really? hhhmmmm... okay. I'll take your word for it :)