Sunday, May 30, 2010


This entry would be about scandals. Yeah. The one you see on Youtube, mobile phones and other websites that I don't even dare enter. Bata pa po kasi ako eh! (weh?) Anyways, I don't even get why they are called scandals. Naughty videos would be much more appropriate! Hahaha! Ang corny naman! Sige na nga. Let's just use the word "scandal".

So kanino tayo mag-start?

Oh yeah! Let's start with Pojke! This guy loves sex. Period. I remember him sending me naked pictures of himself and "videos". I think he sends a different one every other day. Ang tindi nga nun eh. Ayoko naman ng guy na puro sex lang ang nasa utak so lumayo na din ako sa kanya. We still do text sometimes pero when the topic's about sex na, I tell him I feel uneasy and we skip that. Then he would stop replying na. Hahaha! Going back, he tells me that he would upload his videos over some websites or he would even trade videos with some other guys. He got careless nga one time eh. There was a time he sent a video to this guy he barely knows. And you can see Pojke's face in that video. Yung tipong makikilala mo kung sino yung may ginagawang himala.  That guy posted that video on a website. Ang ending? Maraming nakakuha ng video ni Pojke na supposedly ay para lang sa guy na yun. Lesson? Wag gumawa ng video na kita ang mukha mo. hahahahaha! I think I would post his video here one time. Hhhhmmmm....

And then there is Beau. During my second month in our office, someone spread a gossip that Beau has a "scandal" on Youtube. Weh? Di nga? Of course he denied that it was him. I wasn't able to watch the video at all but according to rumors, it was a video of him, naked, dancing in front of guys. And yes, he denied that it was him. That rumor spread like fire in our office. Few days passed and that video was removed. Hmmm. Was that really him? I may never know. And then just recently, a nude pic had surfaced! This time, I saw that picture. It was a guy lying in bed and showing his butt. I know it was not him pero SOBRANG KAMUKHA nya yung guy in that photo. I was actually shocked when I saw it kasi pati ako naloko! Good boy naman (yata) si Beau eh....

How about Nate? I think he has pictures or videos posted somewhere in cyber space but I have yet to find one. Or maybe he doesn't? Hahahaha! Nate is a naughty boy din eh. Lol!

Chuck! Same like Nate. Maybe he has, maybe he doesn't. Hmmm....

And if you're gonna ask if I have one, I won't answer it. You can assume that I have one somewhere in cyber space. But you can also say that I may be a type of guy you wouldn't think of or dare to make a "video". You will never know! Bwahaha! Evil laugh!

Now I have this question. Why do people take videos of themselves doing it? Is it more thrilling? Kinky? Exciting? I have yet to find that out! Hahaha!

Ooooopppppssss! Sorry! I should be behaving properly pala muna. Hahaha!

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