Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Skulle Jag Göra Något Nu? (Should I Do Something Now?)

I think I'm just overthinking. I hope I am. Hahaha! I've blogged about him before eh. I gave him the name "Beau" for various reasons. Funny ones, of course! LOL. Anyways, the acts of weirdness continues.

I was born in a year that it's cool to give your children two names. Like Fernando Jose or Jose Carlos. You get the idea. Well. I have two names and I prefer to be called by my second name kasi I have a lot of kapangngalan sa office, work etc... Kapag 2nd name, ako lang. Unique eh. hahahah! Anyways, just recently, he started calling me by my first name just to irritate me. Hhhhhmmmm.... Nanglalambing? LOL!

There were times that when he talks to me, he would place his hand on my lap or grab my wrist. This happened several times na. He wasn't doing that before. Maybe he was just being comfortable kasi nga we were officemates na for some months na. (?)

He would also treat me out! I'm a sucker for ice cream eh. When he found that out, when he's gonna buy something outside our office and I'm gonna go with him, he would always ask me if I want one. When I say yes naman, he would give me one! Another hhhhhmmmmm.....

Here's another one. Me and my officemates, including him, decided that since it's our off the following day, we're gonna go out and have a karaoke night at our boss' house. It was fun. But then its kinda hot. SUPER HOT pala. Literally. Parang nasa loob ka lang ng oven. So he asked me to go outside with him, since my other officemates were busy singing and drinking. Then when we're outside na, he suddenly took his shirt off!?!? I was like, whatda! He's hot kasi eh. Hahaha! Effect ng taekwondo. So I pretended to be casual lang. So we were talking about stuff lang. Then there were REALLY awkward times na we would stop talking then sabay ulit magsasalita. Corny. We went back inside after a few minutes. It's our turn to sing na din naman eh. Hahaha! And since I don't drink, I stuffed myself with tons of spaghetti!

We sat on opposite sides of my boss' living room. Then I would see him staring at me from the corner of my eye. He was smiling like he's thinking of something that he wants me to know. When I stared back at him with an expression na "bakit ka nakatingin?" (of course pa-cute din ako.LOL), he just said "wala lang".

Earlier this morning, he texted me. I think it was a group message to all of my officemates. I think. It says "There may be harm in risking, but remember that there can also be regrets in doing nothing." Uhmmmm.... Is he saying na I should so something na kasi he's giving me tons of hints na? Or am I just overthinking... Maybe he was just being friendly.

Tama! He's just being friendly! HE'S JUST BEING FRIENDLY...

I hope not. Hehehehe (EVIL LAUGH!)

Should I do something? Should I do the things that he's doing? Should I ask him? By the way, I dunno if he's gay or not.... I think it's gonna be awkward if I asked him if he's gay or not. He might say na he's not. And if that happens, patay tayo dyan. Sige na nga. Let him make his moves (if he really is doing something... hahahaha).

Beau, you're giving me a headache. Naguguluhan ako eh. Are you or are you not?

Oh! I forgot! You're being friendly lang pala! Hahaha!

And it's almost his birthday na pala! Should I give him something? Hhhmmmm....


Anonymous said...

Just reciprocate the same degree of friendliness? Haha. Expect a steal-a-kiss scene in the future, parang sa Basket et Maths... Lol!

Gaspard said...

wow! I kinda like that idea! I mean I LOVE that idea! HAHAHA! I'm crossing my fingers! LOL!