Saturday, May 15, 2010

En Uppdatering (An Update)

I told you in my previous entry that Beau's birthday is coming, right? Well, this is what happened on his birthday! This entry is gonna be short kasi nothing amazing happened naman eh...

Anyways, A lot of people greeted Beau on his birthday because a lot of them has a crush on him. Those bitches. Just kidding! Going back, me and my officemates went to our gameroom where an officemate and Beau started playing fooseball. Obviously, I was secretly cheering for Beau! Hahaha! I would jump a little whenever he scores! (Hahaha! Ang landi lang! Imagine a 5'11'' tall guy with broad shoulders do that!)

So they were playing that mini-football game when the ball got stuck in the middle of the table. I dunno what came into me but I decided to get that ball, but then Beau moved his playing rod (I dunno if that is the right term pero you'll get the point naman eh. Hopefully.) Syempre, natamaan ang aking thumb and it hurt. Badly. This is the kilig part. Beau grabbed my hand massaged my finger and hand. Sweet. "Masakit pa ba? Sorry ha!". "Okay lang! Wala yun!"

I was stunned. I sat on a bean bag. I felt my that my knees are very weak. Joke lang. Maghapon na kasi akong nakatayo. Then our boss came into the game room then gave a small chocolate/caramel cake to Beau. Imagine this. We are at least 20 in the room, including a girl that he has been making ligaw to since he started working there. When he got his cake out of the small box, he looked directly at me then said "You want?". I was like "Hoy, lingon ka lang sa kaliwa mo! Nandun yung crush mo oh!". Syempre, I said yes to his offer. He walked straight to me. I was still on the bean bag. On the floor. Guess what. Sinubuan nya ako ng cake. And he used the same fork to eat a piece of his cake. He did that while looking at me straight in the eye. He's just being friendly lang.... Hahahaha!

We decided to treat Beau to a movie. He asked me to sit beside him. Uhhmmm. Okay. Pero no touching or grinding happened sa theatre na yun. Mahirap na. Kasama namin mga officemates namin eh. Pero I think he was just being friendly lang naman eh.


WUSHU! Ang sarap nya naman maging friend! Hahaha!

I think this is gonna be one of the many updates that will be posted here on my blog...

Is he gonna be the one?

I dunno! I'm crossing my fingers!


By the way, nothing amazing happened naman on his birthday, diba? Hahaha!

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