Friday, May 7, 2010

Visningar (Impressions)

Don't read this if you don't want to waste your time. I'm serious.

People tend to judge you by just the way you look. People somehow have a way of criticizing you like they are the most perfect human beings in the whole world. Syempre, isa na ako sa mga taong ganun. (Kung napangiti ka, wag ka magmalinis. You do say some bad things to other people sometimes, right?)

My parents always tells us to look presentable because you'll never know who you're gonna meet. May sense nga naman. You always have to look your best. You don't have to look soooo fashionable. As long as you look neat or clean, okay na yun!

But sometimes, if you're one of the good looking ones, people will also judge you.

I had an officemate and a lot of people dislike him because of the way he talks with our coworkers or the way he comments about stuff.

I remember an instance when he commented on me. Another officemate was telling a joke while we were eating lunch. I pretended that I didn't get it because I thought it would be funnier. Then all of a sudden, he told me "buti na lang you're good looking".

Okay. I think that was kinda below the belt.

I know I'm not stupid naman! Waaah! Then memories of school all came flooding down! I graduated as a valedictorian when I was in elementary. I was an academic scholar when I was high school and I'm one of the best students in our class when I was in college! huhuhuh! Hindi ako makapapayag nyan!

Well, anyways, pinalampas ko na lang. On the bright side, sabi nya naman na good looking ako eh. HAHAHAHA!


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Anonymous said...

That guy would have gotten an insultingly sarcastic laugh from me pag sinabihan niya ako ng ganun. XP

Gaspard said...

Apir tayo dyan! Hahaha!