Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Beau Update! (This is getting old)

Yup. You're right! Another Beau update. I know this is just paranoia and he's just being a good boy. Guy, I mean. Heheh. We just watched a movie. He asked me to sit beside him. Ako lang naman yata ang nagbibigay ng malisya eh. Pero ano ba naman kasi eh! Ang hirap nya ispelengin! Should I just ask him? Should I? Oh God, help me. Maybe I should do the same thing that my officemate did to me (in my entry "confessions"). But maybe it will become awkward once I did that. Hmmm. Ano ba, Gaspard! Umayos ka nga! Hahaha! Wag ka muna maging malisyoso, Gaspard. Be a good boy muna. Let him make the first move. Hahaha!

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