Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Förförelse (seduction)

I love reading. I love books. Actually I collect books. (And by the way, I have learned that you can only call them books if you have read them already. If not, then what you only have are stacks of paper and ink.) Going back, I collect books. But some of them are still stacks of paper and ink. Hahaha.

Anyways, I have made tambay at Powerbooks in Greenbelt. I have read a very interesting book. It was called "The Art of Seduction". Cool. You will know what type of person you are. Actually, I think it was very accurate.  These are the following types of seducer.

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In Part 1, Greene names the 10 types of seducers. For each, he names one or more examples from history, key concepts to understanding the character, and a fitting metaphorical symbol.
  1. The Siren () embodies freedom from social mores.
  2. The Rake () is an acknowledged cad, but seduces with intense, if temporary, attention.
  3. The Ideal Lover interprets the lost fantasy or broken dream and embodies it just long enough.
  4. The Dandy stirs repressed desires with his or her freedom and invented persona.
  5. The Natural seduces with childlike spontaneity, sincerity, and unpretentiousness.
  6. The Coquette (♀) is a tease, a master of hope and frustration.
  7. The Charmer is seduction without sex, using pleasure, comfort, and the gift of attention.
  8. The Charismatic draws attention to him/herself increasing their desirability with detachment.
  9. The Star feeds on escapist fantasies with dreamy but elusive language.
  10. Greene collects all negative characteristics in a persona called the The Anti-Seducer.

I have learned that I am what you call "The Natural". In short mga isip bata. I have read that some people tend to be attracted to "Naturals" because they want to remember a certain part of their personality. To revert back to the days that they were carefree and dynamic. People tend to attach themselves to these kinds of people because of the way they act. People mature and tend to grow leaving their "child-like attributes" behind. And in my opinion, it works! People want to break me or make me a naughty boy (yeah... madaming beses na) just because they think that I'm very innocent at may gatas pa sa labi. LOL. But the negative thing about being a "natural" is that just like children, we can be annoying at times. And kids are....well... act like kids... hahaha! And grown-ups sometimes hate that! (Totoo naman eh. Kung ako nga pati sa mga kapatid ko eh.)

I have nothing else to write na. I'm uber busy. I barely have time for myself. Well, I try to make time for myself. Kelangan na mag-work out at magpalaki ng katawan! Allons-y! 


And what type of seducer are you, by the way? Hehehe >:)

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