Monday, June 21, 2010

Jag känner mig ledsen (I feel sad)

I felt sad after reading Bra Pojke's blog. I dunno why. Maybe he drew a picture of what I feel really feel each time I am with someone special. I always feel I'm home. Like I can do whatever I want. Like my bed, kayakap ang aking mga unan. I love long trips. And just like Bra Pojke, I could barely sleep when I'm travelling not unless I'm really tired or if I'm with someone who can look after me. Take care of me.

I always want hugs. To hug someone, whether it be a long lost friend or a stranger, needing a little bit of something that feels good. 

I think, now I know why I'm sad. Maybe because he mentioned a lot of things that I had experienced with a guy I really fell in love with. The bus. The coffee shop. The long conversations. Me waiting. The scent of his perfume.   I remember a lot of things. Why? I don't know. 

I miss him now. I have read some of the things that I have been writing here.

I love to read these IMs over and over.

Nate: i tried to protect you
Nate: kaya sana sa susunod mag-iingat ka
Nate: i care for you “Gaspard”

Nate: what i felt for you was real

Nate: believe it or not
Nate: pero wrong timing nga siguro

Nate: dont always let your heart rule over your brain
Nate: i mean mind
Nate: hehe

Gaspard: i'll be more careful
Nate: it's my responsibility
Nate: mahirap iexplain
Gaspard: how come responsibility mo na din yun?
Nate: coz you're part of my life
Nate: basta mahirap iexplain

I read them over and over until fall asleep. To be honest, I never delete his text messages. I keep all of them. When my old flip phone was no longer working right, I have tried everything to save the text messages in that phone. I read them over and over when I miss him. Sometimes, it does magic. It makes me feel like I'm always at home. Lying in bed,  buried under my comforter. 

I feel crappy right now. Now my vision is blurry. Sorry. Iyakin ako eh. Lalo na when I can't have what I wanted most. (Breathe in and then out...)

I want a hug right now. From someone who might care. I know that he's happy somewhere.

For the last time, I would like to hold his hand. For the last time, I would like to give him a tight hug. For the last time, I wish I could feel that same feeling before, that I could stay forever in his arms. That I have surrendered my life. That I could stare at his eyes knowing that everything's gonna be fine. That I could make him smile a bit even though he's tired from all the work he needs to do. That I could melt, once again, when he stares blankly into space and smokes a cigarette. 

I type anything that I want to in this blog.

Bagsakan ko ng aking nararamdaman.

Alam ko sabog sabog laman nito.

Paulit ulit.

Walang sense.

But for me, this is like a new friend. Someone who is very close. That I can tell anything, even my deepest and darkest secrets. This is an online journal. Written by a kid trying to act mature and smart. So that people may take him seriously and not just a superficial eye candy.

Wow. I have feelings pala.


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