Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Model From Another Blog

Yey! We went to club last weekend ( I think... or maybe that was the weekend before that.. anyways, so it was a weekend). We went to Eivissa (tama ba ang spelling?) in QC (yata?!?). (OMD. Lumalabas ang pagka-probinsyano ko.) I had super fun that time. Probably because it was the first time that I went to a club without my parents. I know right! I went out with my friends and officemates. And because I don't drink or smoke, I just danced and partied the night away!

The place seemed very new to me. Maybe because I'm not really used to going at clubs to dance. I would prefer to chill at a coffee shop or make tambay at a bookstore (like Powerbooks) and just sit and read. I want a peaceful and quiet environment. I was not myself that night actually. I couldn't believe myself that I was dancing. I have two left feet kasi.

People were also being nice to me naman eh. Some of them even tried to start a conversation with me pero I was very shy and I just sat at our lounge. One of them even pinched my cheeks because she thinks I'm so darn cute. She said that I look like one of the actors in the Korean films or series that she watches. Uhm, kasi po part Japanese po ako. Hahaha. At the start of the evening, I was just sitting there. Sipping non-alcoholic drinks. Eating tacos and chips and dips. I was kinda bored until my officemates pulled me to the dancefloor. I felt like I was a geek full of zits, with huge eye glasses, suspenders and short shorts shoved on front of a crowd of supermodels. I hate that kind of feeling.

They told me to dance. Eeek! So I did. After a few seconds of shamelessly throwing my hands up in the air, I realized how stupid I looked. I went back to our couch. Hahaha! And sat there. Pretended that I was eating or drinking. They just pulled me back. I had no way of scaping these people. I might as well deal with it. It's kinda dark anyways. The lights were dim. Finally, my girl officemate taught me to just go with the music and feel the beat. Soon afterwards, I was enjoying the vibe and I was dancing.

And so we went deeper into the crowd. A huge muscular guy approached up. He looks more like one of the bouncers there. Scary. He was dancing in front of our girl officemate and keeps on touching her. My guy officemate told me that we should dance around my girl officemate so that she would't be harrased. And so we danced around her. All of a sudden, he disappeared for a few seconds and I found him behind me. He was grinding his you-know-what top my back and grabbing me on my waist and stomach. Waaaaaah! Isa pala sya sa mga sugo ni Lady Gaga! Natakot lang ako. I told my officemates what was happening so we went back to our couch. We were just laughing the whole time on our way back!

The title of this entry would be this because I saw a model, but this time from a different blog. We saw Jon Avila. He looks good din pala. He's tall. A bit taller than me. Pero syempre mas gwapo pa din ako sa kanya. LOL. Okay. Fine. He's fine. Hehehe. My officemates took a picture of him nga eh but I didn't bother to approach him. He was supposed to have a good time there and not be grabbed for a picture taking session. But I think he already knows that he's famous so he knows that people will want to have a picture with him. I remember some of my friends in college comparing him to me because we had the same facial features daw. In one picture lang naman yun yata eh. (Now, my officemates were comparing me to Enchong Dee. Oh, he was my schoolmate nga pala.)

I had a good time there. We got out of that club at around 4:30am or around five in the morning. As I was going down the stairs, a group of gay guys were talking, sitting on the steps. One of them said, more like shouted at me "Hey cutie! What's your name?". I wasn't expecting that. Well, yeah. Sort of. Hahahaha! I just smiled and walked away. Wait lang. Mukha ba akong kaladkarin? Hahaha! Hindi naman eh!

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