Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One of the many updates....

I was really sad for the past days.... Beau was the VERY FIRST person who approached me and asked me if there's something wrong... then he would make me smile....

By the way, there has been a person who keeps on calling me on my phone and texting me a lot... I asked who that person is but all that he (yes, I've called him once, then he picked it up... it was a he), said that I should call him by the name of "Jampong"

And that is very weird. When I called "Jampong", he sounded a bit like Beau. Then when I arrived at the office one morning, I noticed that Beau has been having a runny nose... and he sounded like "Jampong".

This "Jampong" guy would text me when I'm not in our office. And this guy knows my schedule! Stalker! (Ang "stalker" ay pangit while ang "admirer" ay maitsura. Stalker muna siya kasi hindi ko pa sya kilala. LOL)

Should I think now that "Jampong" is actually Beau? I think I've made a connection why he was calling himself "Jampong". Lately, Beau was into a Korean boy group Super Junior. And he would always tell me that I look like one of the Koreans there. He watches their music videos on his phone. Always. Hhhhmmm. As in paulit-ulit. Then he would always make comparisons between me and the members of that group....

By the way, just recently, we went out, along with my officemates. We ate lunch at a mall. Then he mentioned Enchong Dee. He asked me if I get to see him at school. I said yes, kasi we belong to the same college. He asked me if I was taller than him. I said yes. Then he asked me if I had fairer skin than Enchong. I said maybe (kasi nga swimmer sya eh). Then he asked me if I'm more handsome than Enchong?!?! I was kinda caught off guard. Then my gay officemate said "what's with that question?".... Honga naman? Bakit siya nagtatanong ng ganun? Hahaha!

Anyways, pipilitin kong malaman kung sino nga ba talaga si "Jampong!"

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