Monday, July 26, 2010

Det Regnar (It's Raining)

Badtrip nga naman diba??? Haaaay. Nanghihinayang talaga ako sa latest escapade namin ni Beau!!! Bakit pa kasi umulan! Why! Why! Waaah!

But before we go on that, I have to type this on my blog.

For some odd and wonderful reason, I got to spend the whole day with Beau sa work. Kasi lahat ng officemates ko, as in lahat, ay either absent or its the off from work. I got to spend the whole day with him. We ate together, sat right next to each other, went to the bathroom together (LOL), laughed throughout the whole day. I can't believe na na-solo ko sya for one whole day! Hahaha!

Okay. Let's go back...

WHY! WHY! Kung kelan kami lalabas tsaka pa umulan! Grrrr!

This is what happened....

So there was just the three of us. Me, Beau and a girl officemate (bumasag ng trip namin... joke lang). Right after work, we went out for a few hours sa videoke and food. I was kinda wondering why the hell was this girl with us, but she was nice, pinagbigyan ko na lang. Hehehe.

After we ate, we went to Greenbelt to watch a movie since it was still raining hard and we have no way of going home kasi wala kaming payong. We were just walking and walking and walking. Actually, we have no way of killing time since the movie that we were supposed to watch, The Last Airbender, was still hours away. (I don't care if that movie had bad reviews! I'm still gonna watch that anyways!) So we were kinda getting wet na from all the walking. We were going on circles na nga eh.

My girl officemate said that she gave up. She wants to go home na even without an umbrella. Wala nang pakialam kahit na mabasa. I had to give in na din. My feet were kinda tired na din eh. So we parted ways. I went straight to the bus station, buses bound south. My girl officemate took a jeep going to her place (super lapit lang ng bahay nun from Makati eh). And Beau decided to take a cab to his condo.

Minutes after we parted, just as the bus was about to move, Beau texted me. He's asking if I was still at Greenbelt. He doesn't want to take a cab anymore. AAAAAARRRRHHHHGGGGG!!! Dapat manonood kami ng movie ni Beau! Na kami lang dalawa! I was supposed to jump off the bus but it was too late. The rain came pounding down and the bus started to take speed. I sadly replied that I just hopped on a bus bound home. His reply? "Ah ganun ba? Sige. Ingat na lang. May taxi na din dito eh. Sana hindi baha."

Pang-asar talaga ang araw na yun! Bakit pa naman kasi umulan!

And I have mentioned before that Beau was gonna resign, right? Maybe on his last day sa office, I'll just tell him what I feel. Tama ba yun? Should I ask him if he's feeling the same way I do? Corny. Hehehehe. Paano kaya?

"Hey Beau, pa-kiss nga bago ka umalis!" - masyado straight forward

"Uhmmm... hey... Beau? Ingat ka palagi ha... " (then one quick hug) - pa-tweetums

"Beau, apir! Pare, gudlak sa bagong work ha!" - masyado pa-macho effect

Hmmmm.... Paano kaya...

Siguro I'll just text him on his last day. If he ever replies that he feels the same way, then I'll ask him to leave his girlfriend right away! (Hehehe! Joke lang!) Let's just see how this goes.

Iba pa din talaga sya tumitig sa akin. Nakakatunaw. Me likey!

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