Tuesday, August 10, 2010

äldre bror (kuya)

Ang tagal na pala hindi nakapag-sulat ah! Eto na naman ako... Ehem. Ehem...

It has been months since I have started blogging here. It was a way for me to just release some thoughts that I have been keeping for soooo long. Well, at first that was my intention. As some weeks pass, I had started to keep this blog as my journal. An open book. And it was fun. This keeps my mind off of things.

Anyways, just recently, I had an opportunity to meet a friend. We have been exchanging e-mails since he started reading my posts. I really don't know why at first he was reading my blog. I don't see anything quite special here aside from the Über-emo nonsense that I keep on posting here. And so, I referred to him as a Kuya. I just decided to call him Kuya because just assumed that he's older than me. (Assuming!?!?)

He was able to give good advice and helped me think rationally. Special on those times that I was feeling quite depressed.

This is what happened. We have been sending e-mails to each other. He gives advice like a good Kuya would or should do. Hahahaha. I would often say that I hope that I could meet him in the future. And so he gave me his number. I wasn't really expecting him to give me his number right away. (Parang ang bilis naman ng future?)

And so we decided to meet at Alabang. And being the normal me, I texted him that I might be late. He said it's fine with him. (I was enjoying Salt eh.) (By the way, watch that movie. It's a must see.) At ang ending, si Kuya pala ang late. Hehehe. I was just browsing through language books at a bookstore. Then he called me.

Nandyan na si Kuya?!?

I wasnt expecting someone as young as him. I was expecting my "Kuya" to appear older. (Yung may puting balbas na...) Anyways, after the initial shock of seeing a younger Kuya, we just walked and talked and walked and talked some more.

He was sharing things. Even vocabulary words. Heheheh. I dunno if I should write here what are the things that we talked about. Hehehe. Should I, Kuya??? Hahaha. Maybe sa next entry na lang... Or I'll ask him first...

Ang dami ko nga ding nakain eh. Thanks Kuya for the treat! Hehehe. Actually, he told me na matakaw ako. Okay lang. Hehehe. Totoo naman eh.

And so it went well. It was the first time I was able to meet someone that I initially met over the internet. I didn't expect that I could make friends and meet good people through blogs or any other websites.

And now, he's giving me tips and advice, even blogs that he recommends that I should read. Hhhhmmmm. That was a good experience. I'm looking forward for the next one! hahaha


Next time ko na lang ito i-e-edit...


Hindi pala ako nag-e-edit ng mga entries dito... Hahaha!

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