Monday, August 30, 2010


I had a date with my ex. Yeah. As in yung girl. You might be kinda shocked to find out na I had a girlfriend but yeah, I did. Let's start with how I met her.

I met her at a formal social gathering sa church namin. We were just teenagers then. She was, and still is, beautiful. Guys lined up just to have a dance with her. The thing that attracted me to her are her eyes. She looks like Angel Locsin actually.

And just like any other heterosexual guy (well, yeah. I was one), I liked her. And so I approached her as soon as the last guy escorted her to her seat. I asked her if we could dance. And she agreed.

Guys want what other guys want. I wanted her to be mine. But being a torpe guy that I was, and still am, I didn't know what to do or how to ask her out. So I just did what every other guy was doing. Hinabol ko sya. Hahaha! A lot of guys has been asking her out but I was kinda thinking why wasn't she interested to those guys. I tried my luck. And you know what? I knew that she had a crush on me since we went to camp together, somewhere in Laguna.

Nice. Ako na yata ang pinakamagandang lalaki sa mundo. Hahahaha! Mantakin mo yun? Hahahaha!

I asked her to dance with me. Her hands were soft. It felt like I could hold her forever. We danced the night away, and I never let go of her until the night ended. I asked for her number and she gave it to me right away and I escorted her to her room. That was the day I knew I loved someone. (I dunno then if it was really love or just infatuation.)

Things went smoothly. We were now a couple and people from different branches and wards kept on talking about how she and I became a "we" and an "us".

Suddenly, things changed. We didn't had time for one another. Maybe we fell into each other so fast it was sure to end quick. We were both busy with school, me, an academic scholar trying to get into the prominent universities here in the Philippines and she, trying to be the batch valedictorian. I know it sounds lame but yeah... that's how we ended... We had no formal break up what so ever. And to answer how it felt? I was like when Nate left me.

Just recently, I went out on a date with her. We went to a Japanese resto at Greenbelt 5. (By the way, you guys should try it. The food there is good.)

And so nagkamustahan lang kami. I asked her if ever she went out with someone when we "broke up". She said that she did not none stayed for good. Sabi ko pati din ako. I felt guilty. There she was pouring her feelings but I just sat there. I can't tell her why I was not there when she needed me or why I wasn't able to fix things up with her. But the night ended good. We were still in good terms but its no longer the same. Gaspard and Angel Locsin will never be an item anymore. LOL.

I escorted her to her car and watched her go her way. Yes. She is still pretty. (A common friend told me that she still wasn't over it. I know how she feels and it doesn't feel good.) But you know what, some people dont stay. Some go and we just have to face that fact. Its a hard lesson that we all should learn.

This entry is dedicated to the only girl that made my heart leap. I hope you'll find your prince soon, Angel. Take care.


engel said...

it's always nice when exes become good friends.

Gaspard said...

but it was no longer the same... sigh... but at least we're talking again now :D