Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hundra Saker (100 Things)

So it's been already a year? Ang bilis pala ng oras. Ng panahon pala. Basta.

So just to recap, this is what happened between August 7 of 2009 and August 7 of 2010...

  1. Traveled from Alabang to Makati.
  2. Applied for a job.
  3. Met a wonderful person, Nate.
  4. Fell in love with him.
  5. (for the first time)
  6. Met secretly.
  7. Saved photos and movie tickets.
  8. Talked over coffee.
  9. Laughed.
  10. Fell in love again.
  11. Kissed.
  12. Got devirginized. LOL
  13. Fell in love. Too fast.
  14. Became too attached.
  15. Was left hanging.
  16. Told something to Chuck.
  17. Screwed things up. Big time.
  18. Cried. A lot.
  19. Discovered a blog.
  20. Knew things that I shouldn't have.
  21. Cried. Again. Hahaha
  22. Went through an emotional roller coaster. (And it wasn't fun.)
  23. Avoided Nate.
  24. Fooled myself.
  25. Pretended to avoid Nate.
  26. Was infatuated with Chuck.
  27. Met secretly. Office. Parks. And so on.
  28. Flirted with Chuck.
  29. Was called a temptation.
  30. Things got out of hand.
  31. Was on the brink of having sex.
  32. Nothing happened. Good thing.
  33. Almost ruined Chuck's relationship with his partner.
  34. Thought that it's not right.
  35. Avoided Chuck.
  36. Met Pojke.
  37. Flirted. A lot.
  38. Did some thinking.
  39. Got tired of using other people to forget things and people.
  40. Reverted to blogging.
  41. Cried.
  42. Did silly things to forget Nate.
  43. Avoided Nate.
  44. Really avoided Nate.
  45. Met new people.
  46. Read blogs for inspiration.
  47. BEAU!!!
  48. Laughed.
  49. Went out.
  50. Thought.
  51. Guessed.
  52. Let Beau do his moves.
  53. Made a commitment to myself.
  54. Got rid of the things that remind me of Nate.
  55. Promised to be a new person.
  56. Went to the gym.
  57. Went to go sees and VTRs.
  58. Met cute and hot guys. Hehehe
  59. Appreciated all the things that happened to me for the past months.
  60. Learned new things about myself.
  61. Caught Beau staring at me.
  62. Didn't know what to do when Beau does something "weird".
  63. Finally got over Nate XP
  64. Became friends with Nate.
  65. Stayed away from Chuck and his boyfriend.
  66. Cut communication with Pojke.
  67. Inspired.
  68. Stressed over work.
  69. Studied.
  70. Had a crush on Beau.
  71. Laughed some more.
  72. Kinilig... (may english term ba dyan?)
  73. Stared at Beau from afar.
  74. Saved Beau's photos.
  75. Thought of ways how to tell Beau what I really feel.
  76. Met Kuya.
  77. Learned new things and perspectives.
  78. Learned to be somehow more mature.
  79. Became happy being single.
  80. Contented.
  81. Walked taller.
  82. Realized that a number of guys would want to go out with me.
  83. Humaba ang hair. Hahahaha!
  84. Realized that there is more to life.
  85. Ate a lot. Just like what I always do...
  86. Smiled.
  87. Had time for myself.
  88. Thanked God for the things that I have experienced.
  89. Looked forward for the things that will happen.
  90. Realized that the world really is small.
  91. Loved the fact that I have friends and families.
  92. I.
  93. Am.
  94. Gaspard.
  95. The.
  96. Model.
  97. In.
  98. That.
  99. Blog.
  100. Is now texting with Beau :P

Ang hirap pala mag-isip ng ganito. Hahaha. Basta. The 365 days of self discovery was kinda tiring pala.

Life! Bring it on. I am ready.


Nako! Baka kainin ko yung sinabi ko. Joke lang, Life! Be gentle. Hahaha

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Anonymous said...

I should do something like this. Can I oh can I? I don't have originality I know. But I guess I'm desperate in trying to get a hold of myself. HAHAHA. UHM.

Please don't get freaked out though. :D