Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kiss (Kyss)

Let's talk about one of my favorite topics. Beau. I know I've been typing tons of stuff about him already but I don't even get tired of typing about him. Haha. Basta nakakatawa sya.

We were just having fun during our break. They usually go smoke but since I don't I just make tambay with them. Initially, we (officemates, ako at  si Beau) were just foolling around. And of course, there came a time na naiwan na naman kaming dalawa. Nagpapahintay lagi sya eh.

By the way, we were making fun of one another's features. Like kung maganda si ganito or panget si ganyan. Ang lakas ng trip namin noh? But we only tease one another. Ang asaran ay within the group lang. (At malakas mang-asar ang iba kong officemates. May mga diyos at diyosa akong officemate eh. LOL)

Going back, so kami na lang dalawa ang naiwan. Then he asked me if I could kiss him. I was kinda shocked kasi he said that nang kami na lang ang natira! Then he pointed his cheeks! (Honestly, my heart was pounding. I was thinking "eto na ba yun???" Hahahaha!)

My reply?

"Sige. Mamaya. " Sabay binatukan ko na lang sya. Sabay tawanan kaming dalawa.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay nako.... I really don't know what to do now. I really can not tell if he's really into me or this means nothing to him and he is just joking....

Anyways, after that happened, I kinda stayed away from him for the mean time. Hindi ko muna sya sinasamahan mag-lunch or even during our breaks. It didn't even bother me that he was not even talking to me. Then I had to call in sick. I was not able to go to work for like 3 days and when I came back, he was still the same. He did not even ask me if I was doing well na. Hindi ko na lang pinansin. "Friends" lang naman kami eh. (By the way, when he was sick, he sent a text saying that he was not feeling well. I didn't ask him to text me though... he just did.) (Okay...nonsense yun... hahahah).

Where are we? Ah..  tama... So I came back then he started to act more weird. He started to flirt with this cute girl officemate. In front of me. He would ask her to hold his hands. Ask her questions like when was the last time she was kissed. Or give a quick hug. All done in front of me. When I'm not with them, he doesn't even do that to her. Nagpapapansin lang ba si Beau or nagkakataon lang na nandun ako? By what the hell... Friends lang kami. (The cute girl officemate says that she doesn't like Beau but she prefers me. Hahaha! And her ex-bf was rumored to be gay. We call her ex-bf Foundation Boy. Haha. I think you already know why.... hehehe)

And just recently, we were supposed to go out together ulit but then he said that he had to go kasi he and his girlfriend is gonna go out on lunch....

Should I now get used to this? Wala naman kasing "thing" sa amin eh. We're just friends? Or nagpapapnsin lang siya? Or wala talagang kahulugan ang kanyang mga actions towards me? Ang gulo mo Beau!

I almost forgot! His last name in Portuguese means "kisses".... hhhmmmm... is he good at it? LOL

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