Thursday, September 30, 2010

Att göra eller inte göra (4th Part)

He asked me "What if my partner all of a sudden arrives here? Will you have the guts to face him?"

That made me think. I said yes, like any arrogant young man.

"No. Wag mo gagawin yun."

I should hide under his bed along with all my stuff. Make sure that I'm in the very corner and should be as quiet as a mouse. Don't forget to turn my phone off. He will trick his partner to go down somewhere (like go buy something at a nearby convenience store). Once the place is empty, I should swiftly dress up, get all my belongings. Turn my phone on. Wait for his cue. Once I get the go signal, I will lock his condo, use the stairs to go down one floor and that's where I will take the elevator.

So thats the game plan?

He asked me to not think that he's treating me badly. Frankly, I don't care. He told me that we'll keep this a secret from his partner as long as possible. Gago si Luch. Alam ko. At alam nya din yun. His arrogance and being conceited, his being carefree and selfish makes me like him even more. He even compares me to his current partner. Alam ko iniisip nyo. Weird but true. I dunno why.

But you know what, for the past few days that we have been together, he brings out the wild side, the devil in me, while I bring out the sweet and thoughtful guy in him. Ano ba yan! Gaspard! Remember! Yung walls mo! Don't let them tumble down!

Anyways, going back, I have been enjoying myself. I am happy with what's going on. Hmm. Not really.

I never imagined that I will be the "other guy" in a relationship. I asked Luch kung hindi ba sya nagi-guilty sa mga nangyayari sa amin. He answered that nobody owns him, not even his partner. I was kinda taken aback. Doesn't he even care about what his partner will feel once he knows that we're kinda seeing each other na? "Kaya nga dapat atin atin lang ito eh."

I've learned that he has never introduced his partner of 4 years to his closest friends. That he can't do the same things that he does with me with his partner.

When he was sleeping, I was just watching him. Staring at his face. I know that what I'm doing is not right. He told me that I shouldn't be guilty. I was disappointed with how I was acting. I am disappointed with myself. Hindi naman daw kasi malalama ng partner nya eh so walang guilt dapat. I realized that he was right. They're still together, 4 years and counting, without his partner not even knowing what's really going on....Magaling nga sya magtago....


We have been seeing each other often now. Just last night, we had dinner together. Nagkukulitan. Eventhough he is 10 years older than me, parang wala ding age gap. LOL.

He has a partner. Alam ng mga friends nya yun. And his bestfriend knows what happening between Luch and I.

He called me at 4:17 in the morning. Why? Just because he missed talking to me. He made me smile throughout the whole day.

He makes me miss him. Darn. But I'm still sure of my walls.

He asked me to not make my walls too high.

We were laughing while we were strolling under the moonlight.

I feel bad and disappointed with myself. Respeto lang naman sa partner nya.

He asked me what I wanted for his birthday, aside from him.

We were planning on a trip for two to Boracay or Baguio. We're now even planning on spending New Year together.

He wanted our secret to last. Just between the two of us.

Our little secret.

Watch out for the fifth and final part....

Att göra eller inte göra (3rd Part)

It was fun. After that whole experience, we decided to do it again. We could barely keep our hands off each other. After that evening, we met again for the second round. LOL. This time, I stayed over at his condo. We did it before we sleep. Then we did it again in the morning when we woke up. And finally, we did it again in the afternoon before I go home. We were really comfortable with each other na?

We like kissing each other. Holding hands while staring at each other's eyes. Lying in bed. Rubbing our feet together. At walang katapusang pambobola sa isat isa! Hahaha!

He asked me if I could do him a favor. He asked me that if I'm gonna have sex with other guys, I should do it safely daw. Why? Because when he wants to do it with me, he wants it bareback. Weird... I told him that I'm gonna do that if he's gonna do the same thing. Hindi daw sya  ganun. Masaya na daw sya sa aming dalawa ng partner nya. I dont believe him. Ano yun??? Haha! Sabi nya ay pihikan daw sya sa mga nakaka-do nya. Ako? Syempre ako din! He or she should be good looking at may sense din naman kausap. Hehehe.

We've only met each other for two weeks now but everything seems so light when I'm with him. May nabanggit nga sya sa akin eh. One of his friends asked Luch kung isa lamang akong "flavor of the month". He answered that he doesn't do that with people he just have sex with. Magaling mambola itong si Luch eh.

Eto ang mga kalokohan nya:

He's proud of me. And that's why he wanted to meet his closest friends. He wanted me to meet his friends so that in a way, I'll know what kind of person he really is.

He wanted to talk for hours and just rub our feet together, which I find really sweet.

Ang gwapo ko daw. Isa yan sa mga reasons din kung bakit daw sya proud sa akin. Hahaha! Parang adik lang eh!

He wants me to stay over at his place so that we could just cuddle and sleep together. I find this really sweet. I like hugging him. And do you know the feeling when your body and arms fits his when you hug each other? Basta. Parang ganun.

He wanted to see me when I wake up in the morning because he says that you can only see a person's real appearance when he or she just woke up. And he liked the way I looked when I woke up. Pambihira! Magaling talaga mambola!

Madami pa syang sinasabi pero I just didn't bother to listen to them. Why? Because I still have my walls up and they wont fall down soon.

At this point, he was very sweet to me. He makes me laugh. And he made me realize na hindi lang talaga sex ang habol namin sa isat-isa.

Just after the 2nd time I met his friends, he asked me, again, to sleep over at his condo. Hindi na ako nagpapilit kasi gusto ko din naman. When it was time to sleep, he asked me to just cuddle with him. His body felt warm against mine.

To tell you the truth, that was the sweetest and most romantic day/evening of my life. We were just talking. Hugging each other. Kissing. A sweet kind of kiss. Lambingan kumbaga. Naglalambingan lamang hanggang makatulog. Tama. Hindi lang nga sex ang habol ni Luch. Nakakatuwa naman.

Siguro lahat ng "player" ay alam na ang mga ganitong strategy. I dunno.

viskning från det förflutna

Nate - I dunno what's up with this guy. I havent seen him for like decades now. We dont talk so I dunno what's the latest with this guy. Maybe he's happy with someone else? I dunno :P

Chuck - Nothing. Totally avoiding each other. Hi or hello lang kapag nagkakasalubong sa mall or sa hallways.

Pojke - We have been talking again. Text messages. A few calls. Malandi pa din sya. Hindi nagbago. Hehehe

Beau - Hindi na kami nagkaka-usap! Pero kapag nagkakasalubong kami sa hallway, ngitian lang. Then tapik sa balikat at sabay bigkas ng "hello". Hahahaha! May kahulugan kaya ang kanyang mga ngiti? Hahaha!

En Sista Dans

One last dance? I dont know... You know what? I know that we all have choices. If ever you said goodbye, then so be it. Ayoko na nang naghahabol. Wala naman akong hinahabol pala. I mean wala pala dapat akong habulin in the first place.

If you want to shun me away from you, then I would accept that whole heartedly.


Hey Nate. Musta?

Im good.



After i txtd u, u just replied "k". When i asked u if ayun lng b tlg tanong mo, u didnt reply. Akala ko kc madaming ita@nong kc nga diba tumawag ka pa. Then sbi mo we'll just talk it over when we eat pizza. Then u changed ur mind na iiwan mo n lng s pantry. Did i do something wrong? Pls tell me.

It's ok. Nvm.

So i really did something wrong...and u'd rather not tell it to me? Pls Nate. Pra naman may magawa ako sa sarili ko or at least make it up to you...Please?

I am your acting kuya. I just thought that you made it clear na you'll not do something not right. And i also thought you made a promise. I was just surprised with what you did. Dont worry. I wont take it against you. Its your life anyways. Goodluck. Sige. May pupuntahan pa ako.

Ure cold all of a sudden. Alam ko na-bad trip ka at some extent. and i know that u prefer to be silent than to talk about it. And i dont get it... i dont like it either... Sorry. but sometimes, people change.


I really thought this would mean nothing to you. We barely even talk with each other. Not that I am in a position to demand time from you because obviously, you have your own life.


Nate? I know ure busy but can we talk abt this ng harapan? Naguguluhan lng tlg ako eh. Pls. I just thought that this was gonna be fine with you. Obviously it wasnt. Pls? Txt me when u're gonna be free. I'll be expecting a reply from u...

Gaspard, its fine. I promised myself that I'll take care of you by guiding you on what to do in this kind of world. I felt im responsible coz you're claiming that it's your first time with me. But after what happened that night, it seems you enjoyed it. So i think my responsibility has come to an end. I just hope that you'll be a responsible plu.

Pls promise u wont go away. Please.

I can still be your friend.

But u already said goodbye s blog ko. I hope u didnt mean that, ryt?

As a kuya.


U still awake? :)


Gising k pa tlga? Can i call u?


I wanna talk to you.


Abt why u said goodbye. Or why u suddenly turned cold. Questions really.

Not now. I'll sleep na. Maybe next time.



I wont bother to exert any effort. I wont do anything anymore. I am tired. And Im the one whos really  making myself tired. I surrender. If you dont want to talk, fine. If you'll just treat me coldly, that would be okay. If you don't wanna bump into each other or even say hi or a hello, it will be okay. I have lost you months ago. I m not really gonna lose anything now, won't I?

I just hope that you'll do good.

I'll always stay. I think you already know that.

By the way, nagpromise ka na you're gonna give me my birthday gifts! Im just reminding you that my birthday is near na! Hehehe


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Att göra eller inte göra (2nd Part)

I met this guy over Facebook. (Akala nyo kung saan ha!) We will call him Luch. And he is very HOOOOOTTTT.  By definition, he is well built. Has nice arms and shoulders. Has a nice firm ass. He has abs. Yummy. He is tall, almost the same height as I am. And most of all, he is devilishly cute because of his dimples! (Okay, Gaspard, stop drooling. Start typing.)

I sent him a private message in Facebook but to my disappointment, I cant add him since we have common friends pala! ( Ang liit talaga ng mundo. Minsan nakakainis na eh.)

He wanted to exchange numbers and I willingly gave mine to him. Hehehe. Which is really weired because I don't do that. Maybe because he's super hot. And did I mention that he is sexy?

"Mag text ka. Wag kuripot. Hehehe"

Natawa ako sa linyang yun. Hahaha.

Gaspard: Hey Kuya Luch! Thanks ulit! Haha!
Luch: Hope to meet u Gaspard soon...
Gaspard: How soon? Haha!
Luch: Hmmmm. 2nyt? Hehe
Gaspard: Hhmmm. Masyado ka mabilis kuya Luch! Haha! Pwede tomorrw nyt? Hahahaha!
Luch: Cge bukas. Patatagalin p b kc? Hehe.
Gaspard: What do you wanna do tomorrow then? :)
Luch: Kae nu b gusto mo? Gus2 u b lambingan tau? Hahaha
Gaspard: Im gonna be at makati bukas eh. U've got a place >:)

Luch: Yup my place dela rosa
Gaspard: So where are we gonna meet then? and what time? Are u top or bottom? :)
Luch: Top. Dun na citiland sa dela rosa mga 9pm?
Gaspard: Want to make it earlier? Like 1pm or 2pm? Haha!
Luch: My work kc me mga 8pm?
Gaspard: Yup. Sure. Magaling ka ba? Hehe.
Luch: Ako pa! Bukas ikaw na mag sabi hehehe
Gaspard: haha! Im excited then. See u tomorrow at 8pm, kuya Luch. Hahaha.

Luch: Sure na yan ha! Skin sa skin tau?
Gaspard: Skin s skin? What does that mean? sure n tyo bukas kuya. I'll make u moan. Hahaha.
Luch: Cge pag ako d mo pina moan lagot ka. Skin sa skin meaning wala rubber. Para mas njoy, trip?
Gaspard: Di ko pa nga alam kung top ako or bottom eh :)    Safe sex tayo dude. Mahirap na :)
Luch: Bsta pag tau kaw bottom ha. Y? D kpa fuck?
Gaspard: Di pa eh. Virgin pa pwet ko. Haha.
Luch: Sarap! Ako mauna ha.
Gaspard: Hahahaha! Lets see tomorrow. Hahaha!
Luch: Lets see? Payag kna. Magaling ako.
Gaspard: All the way ba gusto mo? Ready ako dyan. Hahaha! Dba nga sabi ko i'll make u moan? Hehehe

Luch: Cyempre all d way. Minsan lang ako mg trip sex at trip na trip kita hehe
Gaspard: Gago. Hahaha. Dont expect too much. Feeling ko lagi mong lnya yan eh. Madami ka na sigurong naka-trip. Hahaha!
Luch: Naku kung alam mo lang Gaspard kung gaano ako kaselan pag dating s sex.
Gaspard: Fuck din kita ah >:)

Luch: Dude pure top ako eh...
Gaspard: Tingnan lng ntn yan bukas. Bka mapa-bottom ka. Lol.
Luch: Naku bro madami ng attempt ayun blak eye inabot hahaha
Gaspard: hahaha. Basta tuloy tyo bukas ah. Hehehe.


I scrubbed every inch of my body the day before we meet. Lol. I was really excited. Libog na yata ang nagpapagana sa utak ko ng mga panahong iyon. Hahaha! I made sure that I was properly groomed from head to toe. I even bought some nice underwear. Then I realized na huhubarin din naman pala nya yun before the night ends eh so..... what the hell.....


When I was going to Makati, I was texting Nate then. He knew what I was supposed to do that night. Actually, I was kinda unsure if I should really do it or not. Was this a way of Nate trying to protect me? I dunno. Then it came falling down on me. The best way to get over someone is to be under someone. Am I really about to do this? Yes. From there, I lost who I was. I already lost Nate months ago. He lost me yesterday. I wasn't his. Anymore.


Luch: Haws na me...
Gaspard: Almost there.
Luch: ok. Txt m pg dito ka na.
Gaspard: Yup. I will.


From this point forward, the things that I'm gonna type might offend you or might be too graphic. Skip this part and go watch Snow White or Cinderella na lang sa Disney channel.


I entered his condo. The place kinda looks familiar. It was warm and cozy. Like any normal guys' place, it looks messy. But it didn't even bother me. He asked me to sit on his bed. He's just wearing  boxers and a sando. He looks hot. Hhmmm. I was sitting away from him. It felt like I was very uncomfortable. Yeah. I was. Kinakabahan. I didn't know what to do. We watched Spongebob. He's a kid din pala. Someone I can relate to. Eventhough he is 30 years old, I am 20, I think we kinda matched each other. He told me that I look very innocent and cute. I snorted. Cute? Hahaha! I told him that he's hot. I like his dimples. And not just the one on his cheeks. LOL. Syempre hindi ko sinabi yun. Nahihiya ako eh.

Things got really interesting. He asked me to sit beside him after I took my shoes off. He held my hands. The feeling was indeed familiar. We were rubbing each others hands and feet while watching  cartoons on Nick. He felt warm against my shoulders. His nice arms wrapped around me. I started to rub his inner thigh. We were cuddling. Flirting. Its felt great. Then he kissed me. Full on the lips. A kiss like he has never kissed anyone before. May halong gigil. Sinabayan ko sya. This isn't so bad after all. He told me na kanina nya pa daw gustong gawin yun sa akin. I just gave a small laugh then kissed him back.

I was still sitting on his bed when he stood up and took my shirt off. He licked my entire chest and neck then back to my lips. I was moaning. I can't control myself anymore. Gusto kong ubusin ang libog na naipon sa loob ko nang isang taon. Hahaha! Tigang much? hahaha! I started to undress him. He was taking my pants off.

We were now on our underwear and back in the bed. He was on top of me. He was aggressive. It made me more into him. I don't want him to be bored with me. He was on top of me, grinding his dick against mine. He went down on me first. Licking the head then slowly, easing down the shaft. It sent bolts of electricity to my body. I loved how this guy is doing me. I started to fuck his mouth. And he was moaning? hahaha!

And of course, it was my turn to impress him. Basically, I licked his dick like a lollipop. I sucked it like there was no tomorrowa. And played it with my mouth, tongue and hands. He was a happy guy. Hahaha!.

He told me that he cant do it anymore. He wanted to fuck me. Nadala na din siguro ako ng libog, I said yes. I couldn't believe my balls. I said that. He grabbed some lube and put some on his dick and on my hole. I was lying on my back. He lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders.  I could see his face. He looks hot. Slowly, he entered me. It was the worst feeling ever! It felt like my ass is being ripped in two! It felt that it was burning! He pulled it out. I was panting. Then I asked him to try it again. Slowly, he entered me again. This time, it was easier to take it in. He put more lube eh. Oh by the way, we did this bareback. No rubber. I felt how his dick went inside and out my ass.

After 10 or 15 minutes of agony, I was really enjoying it.  I forgot that he was practically married to his partner of 4 years. I asked him to lie on his back. Now I was on top. I was riding his dick like a cowboy. He was really enjoying it. He was panting. We were both sweaty. We tried different positions until we decided that we wanted to cum.

I was again on my back, my legs up in the air, Luch pumping. He was pinning my arms to the bed. I liked it. Sabi nya tumitirik na daw mata ko. Haha! He exploded inside me. We were both panting. Our sweat already mixed with our saliva. We were grinding until we decided to take a break. We were doing it for the past 2 hours na din pala. Ang bilis naman ng oras.

To be continued....

Att göra eller inte göra (1st Part)

To do or not to do. To break or not to break my promise. For some of those who has read my blog in the past, I have created an entry, this one , as a promise that I will only have sex with someone that I am very much in love with. Hindi yung magpapadala sa libog lamang.


Gaspard: Gising ka pa?
Gaspard: I guess ure asleep na. Gudnyt! Ung pizza ko! Haha
Gaspard: Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Nate: Tangek, la pa ko pera...
Gaspard: Kpg meron na, manlibre ka ha! hihihi :)
Nate: Sure! haha
Gaspard: Sabi mo yan ha! hehe
Nate: Di naman ako madamot e, alam mo yan.
Gaspard: meganon?!?!? Hahaha! Ikaw na! Hehe.
Nate: Budget ko muna pera ko a. Pag may natira, libre kita pizza bukas..
Gaspard: :D


I know. Kinain ko ang mga salita ko. I didn't know why I did it.

It was almost the same date. My first time was the 7th day of September, last year. I had my second guy on the 15th of this month. Both guys were very different. Now, may point of comparison na ako. Hahaha.

Nate was a gentleman. He made my first time very special. It was love making. Not just sex. He would kiss me and I felt like I could stay there forever. I could rest in his arms and realize everything that made me fall in love with him. He was real. He was once mine and I was once his. I think. At first, he kissed me passionately,  he made me melt in his eyes. My heart was pounding. My chest was about to explode. He went down my neck. It felt good. I liked licking every inch of him. Licked his chest and neck. Kissed him on the lips. I went down on him. Started sucking him until he moans. I liked sucking him. I mean I LOVED it.

I liked the way he moves in bed. It was very romantic. Him on top of me, staring at his marvelous eyes. I thought I could get used to that. He was wanting to fuck me. But I don't want to. I knew that it was PAINFUL. He respected that. I guess he just didn't mind that then. Maybe what I was thinking that there might be a next time. He inserted his dick between my thighs. He started to pump. I saw that he liked that. It made him cum in between my thighs. Then it was my turn. I asked him to turn around. I couldn't resist it. I really wanted to fuck him. But I ended up doing the same thing. My dick between his thighs. The feeling was great. He didn't pressure me or anything. I was romantic. I wished that I could stay there. Stare at his eyes until we call it a night. I muttered "I love you".


Gaspard: Parang tanga ako dito. Natawa mag-isa sa bus dahil sa tambalan! hehehe

Nate: Goodmorning! Kakagising ko lang...
Gaspard: Wla kang pasok?
Nate: VL. Hehe
Gaspard: Huwaw. Buti ka pa. Hehe. Ano balak mo today?
Nate: Pahinga lang. Matulog. DVD marathon. Hehe
Gaspard: Nice :)

Gaspard: Btw, saan ang citiland sa dela rosa?
Nate: Katabi ng condo ko. Gaspard nasan ka?
Gaspard: Haha! Talaga?!?!? Nasa province ako. Why?

Nate called...

Nasan ka?
Nasa mall.
May ime-meet ka noh?
Haha! Wala! Mom ko lang. Bakit ka napatawag?
Mahabang kwento eh.
Ano yun? Ako nga din eh. May ikekwento. Ano yun?
Mamaya na lang.
Ahaha. Sige. Bye.


Gaspard: Ano yun?
Nate: Tanong actually.

Nate: I read your blog. I'm sorry about your parents.
Gaspard: Yeah. I know. Matagal nang issue s family namin yan eh. Pro wla na kmi magagawa eh. Will n ng parents namin un eh. Actually, nagha2nap ako ng maka2usap abt dun. Ang hirap na eh.
Nate: We can talk about it..
Gaspard: Thanks Nate. My parents dont sleep on the same bed/room since i was in college. We cant talk about it in church kc its kinda taboo to most of our members. Lalo na tingin ng most people s church nmin na perfect family kmi. Alam mo, aside from u and my bestfriend, kaming mag-anak lang ang may alam ng nangya2ri s family namin.

Nate: Awww... But they live in the same house?
Gaspard: Yup. They told us na they stay together dahil lng s amin. Nagbi2nata ang dad ko. Nagdadalaga mom ko. Sigh...
Nate: They are dating other people?
Gaspard: Nope. I dont think so. What I mean is nag-a-astang teenager mga parents ko. Ung mom ko, hndi lumalabas ng hndi nka make up at false eye lashes. Dad ko, gym buff n ngayon tpos lahat ng damit ko, sinusuot. Hahaha.

Nate: Well, di pa naman huli ang lahat. Just keep on praying. Pero ang maganda kasi ok kayong magkakapatid diba. No one's nagrerebelde.
Gaspard: Honga eh. Feeling ko pa tuloy, mas mature pa kami s parents namin.

Gaspard: What is it u wanna ask me anyways?

Nate: Your blog...

Gaspard: What about it?

Nate: Yung mga nakasulat..

Gaspard: Ang tagal mo sumagot. Inaantok na ako.

Nate: Matulog ka muna.

Gaspard: Binibitin mo naman ako eh. Hindi ako makakatulog nyan.
Gaspard: Ano ba talaga? Tungkol saan?

Nate: Lahat. Hehe.
Nate: Maya na lang. Hehe.
Gaspard: Pssst! Ano n ung tan0ng mo? Busy n ako ng 8pm. Bka hindi n kita masagot.
Nate: Sagutin mo na lang pag kumain tayo ng pizza. Hehe
Gaspard: Tae ka. Ano b tlga? Wla b tlgang clue? At kelan mo ako ili2bre? hehe.
Gaspard: Pls tell me na. Kahit na clue man lang.

Nate: To break or not to break my promise. about doing it or not.
Gaspard: About to break it. By 8pm.
Nate: Ah, at citiland? Kaya pala. It's your choice anyways. Goodluck.

Gaspard: Haha! After exactly one year? Hahaha! no. Im just gonna see ths guy again. But we might go to citiland if things got interesting. Haha. Why?

Gaspard: What about it, Nate?

Nate: Nothing. Do what you think is right.

Gaspard: Kinokonsensya mo b ako? Hahaha. Its not gonna be anything serious. Ths is just 4 fun. Im sure uve done ths before. I just wanna see whats out there for me :)

Nate: Im not saying anything. I've done that and i regret it. Yun lang. I'll just leave the pizaa in the pantry na lang din.

Gaspard: Im sure ure just concerned abt me. But im a big boy now. T thnk i can handle and decide 4 myself. Thanks Nate. Ikaw pa din naman ang nakauna s akin eh. Lol. Forget the pizza. U already said thanks and thats good enough for me :)

Nate: K

Gaspard: Uhhmmm... Aun lng b tan0ng mo? Akala ko b mahabang story un?

Gaspard: Gudnyt! :)

om att vara singel (on being single)

I am used to being single. I wasn't really attached to a "real relationship" before. So that makes me single since birth. I love being single. I am happy with what I currently have. I am not looking for a new relationship. I have no plans of settling down soon. I don't have any plans on committing to someone. I love being single.

I kinda miss the days that you'll have someone to hold hands with. To rub your feet together. To laugh at each other's silly jokes. But that's fine. I can still do that without having any emotional attachment to the person you're doing it with.

I will be single. I don't wanna be tied down yet. I'm still too young. I don't want my youth taken away from me.

I was listening to a podcast. Nakakatawa sya. Promise.

A question.... How long have you been single and in one word, describe your current status.

If I were to answer that, I would say that I am single for 20 years. Current status, happy. (then I would fake a smile.) 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Things to Do

Topics to write about....

On being single.

To break or not to break my promise. about doing "it" or not. hihihi >:)

My blog trademarks!!! (wrong spelling, wrong grammar, mixed sentences na walang sense, kulang kulang na letters... etc...)

Downelink (tan ta nanan! ) LOL

Ang maliit na mundo. Bow.....

My parents and their upcoming annulment. ( I dont know if I could write this here. It's kinda too personal na yata....)

On finding someone new... and revisiting my old flings... (old talaga?!?!?!)


The best way to get over someone is to be under someone... Hhhmmmm.... This made me think