Thursday, September 16, 2010

Att göra eller inte göra (2nd Part)

I met this guy over Facebook. (Akala nyo kung saan ha!) We will call him Luch. And he is very HOOOOOTTTT.  By definition, he is well built. Has nice arms and shoulders. Has a nice firm ass. He has abs. Yummy. He is tall, almost the same height as I am. And most of all, he is devilishly cute because of his dimples! (Okay, Gaspard, stop drooling. Start typing.)

I sent him a private message in Facebook but to my disappointment, I cant add him since we have common friends pala! ( Ang liit talaga ng mundo. Minsan nakakainis na eh.)

He wanted to exchange numbers and I willingly gave mine to him. Hehehe. Which is really weired because I don't do that. Maybe because he's super hot. And did I mention that he is sexy?

"Mag text ka. Wag kuripot. Hehehe"

Natawa ako sa linyang yun. Hahaha.

Gaspard: Hey Kuya Luch! Thanks ulit! Haha!
Luch: Hope to meet u Gaspard soon...
Gaspard: How soon? Haha!
Luch: Hmmmm. 2nyt? Hehe
Gaspard: Hhmmm. Masyado ka mabilis kuya Luch! Haha! Pwede tomorrw nyt? Hahahaha!
Luch: Cge bukas. Patatagalin p b kc? Hehe.
Gaspard: What do you wanna do tomorrow then? :)
Luch: Kae nu b gusto mo? Gus2 u b lambingan tau? Hahaha
Gaspard: Im gonna be at makati bukas eh. U've got a place >:)

Luch: Yup my place dela rosa
Gaspard: So where are we gonna meet then? and what time? Are u top or bottom? :)
Luch: Top. Dun na citiland sa dela rosa mga 9pm?
Gaspard: Want to make it earlier? Like 1pm or 2pm? Haha!
Luch: My work kc me mga 8pm?
Gaspard: Yup. Sure. Magaling ka ba? Hehe.
Luch: Ako pa! Bukas ikaw na mag sabi hehehe
Gaspard: haha! Im excited then. See u tomorrow at 8pm, kuya Luch. Hahaha.

Luch: Sure na yan ha! Skin sa skin tau?
Gaspard: Skin s skin? What does that mean? sure n tyo bukas kuya. I'll make u moan. Hahaha.
Luch: Cge pag ako d mo pina moan lagot ka. Skin sa skin meaning wala rubber. Para mas njoy, trip?
Gaspard: Di ko pa nga alam kung top ako or bottom eh :)    Safe sex tayo dude. Mahirap na :)
Luch: Bsta pag tau kaw bottom ha. Y? D kpa fuck?
Gaspard: Di pa eh. Virgin pa pwet ko. Haha.
Luch: Sarap! Ako mauna ha.
Gaspard: Hahahaha! Lets see tomorrow. Hahaha!
Luch: Lets see? Payag kna. Magaling ako.
Gaspard: All the way ba gusto mo? Ready ako dyan. Hahaha! Dba nga sabi ko i'll make u moan? Hehehe

Luch: Cyempre all d way. Minsan lang ako mg trip sex at trip na trip kita hehe
Gaspard: Gago. Hahaha. Dont expect too much. Feeling ko lagi mong lnya yan eh. Madami ka na sigurong naka-trip. Hahaha!
Luch: Naku kung alam mo lang Gaspard kung gaano ako kaselan pag dating s sex.
Gaspard: Fuck din kita ah >:)

Luch: Dude pure top ako eh...
Gaspard: Tingnan lng ntn yan bukas. Bka mapa-bottom ka. Lol.
Luch: Naku bro madami ng attempt ayun blak eye inabot hahaha
Gaspard: hahaha. Basta tuloy tyo bukas ah. Hehehe.


I scrubbed every inch of my body the day before we meet. Lol. I was really excited. Libog na yata ang nagpapagana sa utak ko ng mga panahong iyon. Hahaha! I made sure that I was properly groomed from head to toe. I even bought some nice underwear. Then I realized na huhubarin din naman pala nya yun before the night ends eh so..... what the hell.....


When I was going to Makati, I was texting Nate then. He knew what I was supposed to do that night. Actually, I was kinda unsure if I should really do it or not. Was this a way of Nate trying to protect me? I dunno. Then it came falling down on me. The best way to get over someone is to be under someone. Am I really about to do this? Yes. From there, I lost who I was. I already lost Nate months ago. He lost me yesterday. I wasn't his. Anymore.


Luch: Haws na me...
Gaspard: Almost there.
Luch: ok. Txt m pg dito ka na.
Gaspard: Yup. I will.


From this point forward, the things that I'm gonna type might offend you or might be too graphic. Skip this part and go watch Snow White or Cinderella na lang sa Disney channel.


I entered his condo. The place kinda looks familiar. It was warm and cozy. Like any normal guys' place, it looks messy. But it didn't even bother me. He asked me to sit on his bed. He's just wearing  boxers and a sando. He looks hot. Hhmmm. I was sitting away from him. It felt like I was very uncomfortable. Yeah. I was. Kinakabahan. I didn't know what to do. We watched Spongebob. He's a kid din pala. Someone I can relate to. Eventhough he is 30 years old, I am 20, I think we kinda matched each other. He told me that I look very innocent and cute. I snorted. Cute? Hahaha! I told him that he's hot. I like his dimples. And not just the one on his cheeks. LOL. Syempre hindi ko sinabi yun. Nahihiya ako eh.

Things got really interesting. He asked me to sit beside him after I took my shoes off. He held my hands. The feeling was indeed familiar. We were rubbing each others hands and feet while watching  cartoons on Nick. He felt warm against my shoulders. His nice arms wrapped around me. I started to rub his inner thigh. We were cuddling. Flirting. Its felt great. Then he kissed me. Full on the lips. A kiss like he has never kissed anyone before. May halong gigil. Sinabayan ko sya. This isn't so bad after all. He told me na kanina nya pa daw gustong gawin yun sa akin. I just gave a small laugh then kissed him back.

I was still sitting on his bed when he stood up and took my shirt off. He licked my entire chest and neck then back to my lips. I was moaning. I can't control myself anymore. Gusto kong ubusin ang libog na naipon sa loob ko nang isang taon. Hahaha! Tigang much? hahaha! I started to undress him. He was taking my pants off.

We were now on our underwear and back in the bed. He was on top of me. He was aggressive. It made me more into him. I don't want him to be bored with me. He was on top of me, grinding his dick against mine. He went down on me first. Licking the head then slowly, easing down the shaft. It sent bolts of electricity to my body. I loved how this guy is doing me. I started to fuck his mouth. And he was moaning? hahaha!

And of course, it was my turn to impress him. Basically, I licked his dick like a lollipop. I sucked it like there was no tomorrowa. And played it with my mouth, tongue and hands. He was a happy guy. Hahaha!.

He told me that he cant do it anymore. He wanted to fuck me. Nadala na din siguro ako ng libog, I said yes. I couldn't believe my balls. I said that. He grabbed some lube and put some on his dick and on my hole. I was lying on my back. He lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders.  I could see his face. He looks hot. Slowly, he entered me. It was the worst feeling ever! It felt like my ass is being ripped in two! It felt that it was burning! He pulled it out. I was panting. Then I asked him to try it again. Slowly, he entered me again. This time, it was easier to take it in. He put more lube eh. Oh by the way, we did this bareback. No rubber. I felt how his dick went inside and out my ass.

After 10 or 15 minutes of agony, I was really enjoying it.  I forgot that he was practically married to his partner of 4 years. I asked him to lie on his back. Now I was on top. I was riding his dick like a cowboy. He was really enjoying it. He was panting. We were both sweaty. We tried different positions until we decided that we wanted to cum.

I was again on my back, my legs up in the air, Luch pumping. He was pinning my arms to the bed. I liked it. Sabi nya tumitirik na daw mata ko. Haha! He exploded inside me. We were both panting. Our sweat already mixed with our saliva. We were grinding until we decided to take a break. We were doing it for the past 2 hours na din pala. Ang bilis naman ng oras.

To be continued....

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