Thursday, September 30, 2010

En Sista Dans

One last dance? I dont know... You know what? I know that we all have choices. If ever you said goodbye, then so be it. Ayoko na nang naghahabol. Wala naman akong hinahabol pala. I mean wala pala dapat akong habulin in the first place.

If you want to shun me away from you, then I would accept that whole heartedly.


Hey Nate. Musta?

Im good.



After i txtd u, u just replied "k". When i asked u if ayun lng b tlg tanong mo, u didnt reply. Akala ko kc madaming ita@nong kc nga diba tumawag ka pa. Then sbi mo we'll just talk it over when we eat pizza. Then u changed ur mind na iiwan mo n lng s pantry. Did i do something wrong? Pls tell me.

It's ok. Nvm.

So i really did something wrong...and u'd rather not tell it to me? Pls Nate. Pra naman may magawa ako sa sarili ko or at least make it up to you...Please?

I am your acting kuya. I just thought that you made it clear na you'll not do something not right. And i also thought you made a promise. I was just surprised with what you did. Dont worry. I wont take it against you. Its your life anyways. Goodluck. Sige. May pupuntahan pa ako.

Ure cold all of a sudden. Alam ko na-bad trip ka at some extent. and i know that u prefer to be silent than to talk about it. And i dont get it... i dont like it either... Sorry. but sometimes, people change.


I really thought this would mean nothing to you. We barely even talk with each other. Not that I am in a position to demand time from you because obviously, you have your own life.


Nate? I know ure busy but can we talk abt this ng harapan? Naguguluhan lng tlg ako eh. Pls. I just thought that this was gonna be fine with you. Obviously it wasnt. Pls? Txt me when u're gonna be free. I'll be expecting a reply from u...

Gaspard, its fine. I promised myself that I'll take care of you by guiding you on what to do in this kind of world. I felt im responsible coz you're claiming that it's your first time with me. But after what happened that night, it seems you enjoyed it. So i think my responsibility has come to an end. I just hope that you'll be a responsible plu.

Pls promise u wont go away. Please.

I can still be your friend.

But u already said goodbye s blog ko. I hope u didnt mean that, ryt?

As a kuya.


U still awake? :)


Gising k pa tlga? Can i call u?


I wanna talk to you.


Abt why u said goodbye. Or why u suddenly turned cold. Questions really.

Not now. I'll sleep na. Maybe next time.



I wont bother to exert any effort. I wont do anything anymore. I am tired. And Im the one whos really  making myself tired. I surrender. If you dont want to talk, fine. If you'll just treat me coldly, that would be okay. If you don't wanna bump into each other or even say hi or a hello, it will be okay. I have lost you months ago. I m not really gonna lose anything now, won't I?

I just hope that you'll do good.

I'll always stay. I think you already know that.

By the way, nagpromise ka na you're gonna give me my birthday gifts! Im just reminding you that my birthday is near na! Hehehe


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