Thursday, September 16, 2010

om att vara singel (on being single)

I am used to being single. I wasn't really attached to a "real relationship" before. So that makes me single since birth. I love being single. I am happy with what I currently have. I am not looking for a new relationship. I have no plans of settling down soon. I don't have any plans on committing to someone. I love being single.

I kinda miss the days that you'll have someone to hold hands with. To rub your feet together. To laugh at each other's silly jokes. But that's fine. I can still do that without having any emotional attachment to the person you're doing it with.

I will be single. I don't wanna be tied down yet. I'm still too young. I don't want my youth taken away from me.

I was listening to a podcast. Nakakatawa sya. Promise.

A question.... How long have you been single and in one word, describe your current status.

If I were to answer that, I would say that I am single for 20 years. Current status, happy. (then I would fake a smile.) 

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