Monday, September 13, 2010

Things to Do

Topics to write about....

On being single.

To break or not to break my promise. about doing "it" or not. hihihi >:)

My blog trademarks!!! (wrong spelling, wrong grammar, mixed sentences na walang sense, kulang kulang na letters... etc...)

Downelink (tan ta nanan! ) LOL

Ang maliit na mundo. Bow.....

My parents and their upcoming annulment. ( I dont know if I could write this here. It's kinda too personal na yata....)

On finding someone new... and revisiting my old flings... (old talaga?!?!?!)


engel said...

write anything you want. just express what you want to express. that's what blogs are for. just don't pressure yourself too much. :)

Bleeding Angel said...

write from your heart... :)