Monday, October 18, 2010

annan skrivelse till Juliet (another letter to Juliet)

This is a letter to Juliet, if by any chance you are Juliet, please give me advice. I would really appreciate it. And if you're not Juliet, read on. Para naman may pampadagdag din ng advice...

Dear Juliet,

I dont know how to start. Whenever I'm falling for someone, I tend to be stupid. Really stupid.

I met Luch last month and things were pretty good between the two of us. I'm into him and he's into me. We met each other just to have sex and that's it. Well, we kinda liked what we did and so we met for another day... then another... We started to see each other more often, and not to have sex. We started to like each other's company. We cuddle a lot and say stupid things to each other. He makes me laugh. I think I make him laugh. LOL. We make each others day better. We go out for dinner. We talk for hours about anything that we can think of.

Things were pretty getting out of hand. I was starting to fall in love with him. And he is starting to fall for me too. The bad thing is that he is already in a four year relationship with his boyfriend.

I really dont want to ruin a relationship just because I am too selfish and emotionally unstable. It really unfair, lalo na sa partner ni Luch. I already told this to Luch, and just doesnt want to listen. He keeps on justifying something that we both know is wrong in the first place. No matter how you look at it, he's unfaithful and I'm the 20 year old coincidence.

I really dont care about anything when I'm with him. I know that we were already in love with each other but we just to want to admit it to one another. I just thought that maybe, we're just playing...

I was wrong. What I felt for him for the past few weeks grows as each day passes. I know that I'm stupid for falling in love with him too quickly. That's just how I am. When I feel like he's the right one, my walls begin to tremble.

Juliet, I don't know what to do. I know that one day, he will have to choose between the two of us, eventhough he keeps on telling me that it wont happen. I know that he will choose him over me. If his partner ever knows this, I'm screwed. I have no right to be mad at him. Respeto lang.

I am the one to blame. If I didnt meet him in the first place, this would never happen.

Juliet, this is not the first time this happened. I met this guy, Chuck, a year ago. During that time, he was with his partner but he wanted to stay with me too.


Luch is the sweetest guy that I have ever met. He's always honest with me.

Juliet, should I stay or should I go? Please help me. I fell in love. Am Stupid. Again.

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Anonymous said...

G dearest,

I've been too busy during the past months that I even forgot my password during my log in attempt today.

I was able to browse your recent notes and I can see how happy you are being with Luch.

Do not forget though, hun, that the only stable part of a triangle is its base.

Keep the happiness like a burning flame but make sure to save some once you are left in an alley of darkness and cold wind.

I am your newest reader and I will be needing google translator for your dutch (am i right?) titles.

Take care!