Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Att göra eller inte göra (5th and Final Part)

He is the sweetest guy that I have ever met. Ever. I really didnt know when and how it started but falling in love with him is soooo easy.

The first time I met him, he told me that he hasnt met a guy yet na makakapagpatino sa kanya. Maybe, just maybe, I'm gonna be that guy. I asked him why is he still going out with me. Why is he risking his happy relationship just to be with me. He has more things to lose when this goes out and his partner knows about this.

His answer took me by surprise. Honestly, the moment he said that, I know that I will fall for this guy. My walls began to tremble and crumble to pieces. He told me the difference between the right guy, the ideal guy for you and the perfect guy.

He told me that I'm the right guy for him. The ideal guy. And he will not waste a moment or not grab the opportunity to be with me. Luch... I used to think that he was just playing. I didn't know that he's taking me seriously.

And so we met. As each day passes, the guilt and the feeling of being the other guy slowly fades. He told me to never ever think that I am the "other guy".... or even say that I'm the "K" word... kamote... hahahaha! Kabit! hahahahaa! He even makes me laugh eventhough we're talking about very serious matters. Now I miss him...

By the way, if you might have noticed na paulit-ulit na lang ang tinatype ko, pagpasensyahan nyo na. I just cant help writing about Luch.

He asked me to come with him to Bulacan. He wants to introduce me to his family. And since he is not out, he's gonna introduce me as a friend from the office. I didn't know that Plaridel's far from Makati. Hahaha! Anyways, the trip was not that boring since Luch kept on talking and talking and made me laugh throughout the whole trip. At the back of my mind, I was really nervous about the things that will happen. Will his relatives think na snob ako or hindi approachable? Those were the questions that kept on ringing inside my head. Sigh.

The tricycle ride from the highway to his place took like forever. I was in awe. A complete change of scenery. Imagine! From the very urban Makati, we were like transported to a very rural Plaridel. Probinsyang probinsya talaga... but I liked the fact that for a weekend, I can enjoy the cool and clean breeze, the warm weather, far from the worries and lights of the city.

By the way, meron silang malaking santo sa loob ng bahay nila. I almost peed on my pants when I saw that. Nakakatakot! hahaha! I'm 5 feet 11 inches and it's taller than me! I cant even stare at its eyes. Baka kasi gumalaw na lang bigla at kausapin ako.

Saturday with his family went smoothly. I was able to meet his relatives. His parents, sibs, cousins, in laws and so on. I even got the chance to meet their pigs and dogs. Hahaha!

This is the best part of that Saturday. He took me on a bike ride to their farm. It felt like I'm with him someone in the south of France or Italy cruising past yards of vineyards. Well, actually, mga palay ang nandun. Hahaha. And he kissed me on the lips. We went in circles in their beautiful farm. I wished that ride never ended.

We came back and had dinner. I was so sure that the day after will be more beautiful.

And it did. But it was also tiring. You see, his dad is running for a position in the barangay and Luch's kinda in charge of almost everything. And being the helping hand, tumulong ako. (duh). We were also preparing for a party for the young people there. But its not only the young people who came, pati na din ang mga "mature and older" people. Hehehe.

This was the eve of my 21st birthday and I was preparing spaghetti, namili ng ingredients para sa handa (and nalaman ko din kung saan talaga gawa ang sisig), nagpapa-usok ng baga para makapag-grill para sa liempo, chopping newly fried (as in yung kakagaling lang talaga sa kumukulong mantika) tofu into cubes and so on. I was determined na magpa-bibo sa mga relatives nya. hahaha!

All of a sudden, he brought out a cake. They lit the candle up and they started singing me a happy birthday. It almost made me cry. There I was, dugyutin, pawis na pawis at amoy usok, inaawitan ng mga taong kakakilala ko pa lamang. Luch had planned all of these things. It touched me so much that I almost felt that a tear might run down my left cheek. That was the sweetest thing a guy had ever done for me.

After dinner, I was super tired that I just didnt want to take a shower anymore. I just wanted to sleep. I went to bed and feel asleep immediately. Mahimbing ang tulog ko nang bigla na lang ako ginising ni Luch. May dala syang wet towel. I thought that this day couldnt be any better. I thought wrong. Pinunasan nya ang buo kong katawan. Pinalitan nya din ako ng damit like I was a baby. Pogi points na naman! Hahaha! Then he kissed me goodnight again.

At hindi pa nagtatapos dyan ang kwento. Bigla na lang ako nagising. 12 midnight and I'm now 21. He wished me a   happy birthday. And then he said it. Three words. Eight letters. He was mine. And I knew at that instant, that I was his.

The model in that blog is no longer single.

Another promise broken. hahaha!

Expect more posts about Luch! :D


engel said...

so, what about his other one?

Gaspard said...

he still loves him and cares for him...the same way he treats his partner even before Luch met me...

thanks for dropping by engel :D