Sunday, October 17, 2010

dess min födelsedag! (it's my birthday!)

It's my birthday today! I just turned 21 years old a few hours ago... And I feel soooo old... Hahhahaha!

My birthday wishes?

sana yumaman ako at maging isang sikat na artista

pera! LOL

isang umaatikabong love life!

a healthier life

a stronger family

repentance for the wrong things I've done

to be goal oriented

food! (matakaw pa din ako)

more opportunities to make myself a better person

more career opportunities

isang katerbang lalaki... hahahha!

Be a good boy! hahaha

basta... ayan na muna... things will always fall into their proper places when the right time comes... I am happy that I have great things going on for me... I cant wait to be more mature (?) and become independent (hopefully soon... I want to have my own place na!)

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