Saturday, October 30, 2010


Kinabahan talaga ako nun! Alam na ng boyfriend ni Luch yung number ko! Haaaay nako...

This is how it happened...

Luch and I were just watching TV sa livingroom nila (yeah, kilala na po ako ng kanyang mga magulang at kamag-anak at feeling close na din ako hehehe), when I checked my phone...

actually, my phone was just inside my pocket...I was waiting for a text message from my sister...when I didnt get to hear it beep or even vibrate, I checked it kung meron ngang message...

This is the part the made me shout "oh my God". Crap.

Naka-unlock ang phone ko. (weird kasi touch screen sya)

May outgoing phone call.

I asked Luch if he knew the number that my phone "pocket dialled"

Number yan ni ******! (boyfriend ni Luch)

Hindi ko alam kung sadyang pinaglalaruan lang ako ng tadhana (LOL. Sobrang tagalog. Hahahaha) or talagang may saltik lang ang phone ko.

Sa dinami dami ng mobile number na pwede ma-dial accidentally ay number pa ng boyfriend ni Luch!

May hypothesis naman kami ni Luch kung paano nangyari yun...

Kasi, earlier that day, kinukulit ko si Luch habang natutulog sya. I was making his phone ring like someone's calling kapag gising na sya at malapit na nya sagutin ang phone, I hung up... hehehehe... masarap sya kulitin eh... lalo na kapag natutulog. LOL

going back...

So nasa recently dialled numbers ko yung number nya

so MAYBE, for some odd reason, my phone unlocked itself, went to the recently dialled numbers and replaced Luch's number with his boyfriends (Luch's mobile number is almost the same with his boyfriend's except that the last digit in Luch's number is a 5 and his boyfriend's a 4)


Is this a warning? A premonition that I should stop now?

I asked Luch...and he said that we shouldn't stop, now that we're a "couple" and we're both happy being with each other. At the back of my mind, I know that there will be something much worse that will happen in the future. Luch doesn't want me to go.

At that exact moment, I was weighing the consequences. My mind told me that what I'm doing is completely insane, selfish, irresponsible, disrespectful, slutty, and all the negative words that I could think of. But my heart told me that I'm in love and I'm happy being with him.

I know that some of you guys have gone through something that is similar to what's happening to me right now. And I guess you know how I feel...

At that point, I was just hoping that Luch will realize that this won't work. But I can't tell that to him. I never want this to end. I fell in love with him badly and so did he.

"Panindigan mo naman ako, Gaspard. Kasi ako pinaninindigan kita at ang mga mangyayari sa atin."

Instantly, my worries and fears were gone. He's gonna be there for me. I just know that he was sincere. He loves me. For real.

That night, we slept on the same bed, hugged, kissed me and he held my hand until I fell asleep. I could rest in his arms forever.

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Anonymous said...

this is the one i got to read first, so now i gotta read backwards to know more of the backstory lol. all the best to you and your boy Gaspard!