Tuesday, November 23, 2010

blödning kärlek...

Click on play first before actually reading this entry...Para mas may impact. At para mas jologs na din. LOL.

You might be disturbed sa mga masasabi ko. Humihingi na ako sa inyo ng sorry. Hehehe

!@#$%^&*&^%$#! talaga!

At first I was really kinda hesitant to post this kasi I think this is waaaaay too private and well...medyo nakakadiri...

This is what happened...

I was constipated and my butthole ached for like two days na. I dunno what happened. Maybe I ate something or what. Anyways, since the weekend's done, I get to see Luch again.

And since we didnt get to see each other for quite some time, and we haven't had sex yet in that week, we did it. We really missed each other sooo much we were kinda rough on each other.

For those who has been reading some of the entries here in my blog, I think I mentioned that I bottom for Luch. And I have no plans whatsoever for doing it for another guy kasi hindi ko talaga trip yun.

On that evening, I was really praying na wala munang mangyari sa amin kasi ang hapdi ng asshole ko. Pero nagwagi na naman ang tawag ng laman. And not to mention I really missed him that much, I did it anyways.

And its was the usual great hot monkey sex. You get the picture. We were all over the place. Hahaha. After almost 2 hours, we're finished. I got up, took a shower and we both slept.

I went to work early in the morning and as I was doing my usual work routine, I felt something wet in my pants...I went to the men's room agad to check what it was..

I almost vomited... (hahaha! O.A.!) Hindi naman. I was kinda shocked lang kasi my ass is bleeding.

Ang first aid na naisip ko? Punasan ng maraming tissue ang pwet ko, maghugas then get more tissues and put it in my boxer briefs. I feel like a girl with her period...complete with the "inis", "gigil" and "buwisit" factors.... Hassle talaga.

I texted Luch. Sorry sya ng sorry. Sorry daw kasi nanggigil sya...but he was sweet at nag-aalala sya. Kapag nagtagal at madami pa daw ang dugo, pumunta na ako sa clinic namin.

I just cant imagine myself going to the clinic then sasabihin "Please help me. My boyfriend just fucked me big time and now my ass is bleeding. Do you have tampons?"

No way!

And so, I just kept on going to the men's room to change every 4 hours... tsk tsk...ang weird pala ng ganung feeling. Now I know how girls feel.

After almost a week of changing my "tampons", the bleeding, as well as the constipation (yehey!) stopped!

Ganun lang pala ang gamot sa contipation. Normal na ulit ang pagdumi ko. LOL. Too much info ba? Sorry...

Anyways, we did it again last night. And it was like one of the best that we had so far. My ass is cooperating now and it does not give me bolts of pain anymore whenever he enters me. Pero hindi naman sya lumuwang. Hahaha. Ganun lag pala yun. Mind over matter. Or ako muna dapat on top. Hahahaha..

I know na nadidiri na kayo sa topic na ito so I will stop na...hehehehe


Kane said...

Gaspard!!!!!!! Hahaha Tawa ako ng tawa sa kuwento mo. I'm just curious, did it hurt during the one week it took to heal it?

Lesson learned, I suppose. =) I guess the pleasure was worth it.


Gaspard said...

Pinagtawana mo pa talaga ako ah! hehehe. Luckily it did not hurt during the week na naghe-heal ako. May blood stains lang talaga. (nagiging virgin kasi ulit ako a day after we do it eh. LOL) And yes, its worth it :D

By the way, thanks for dropping by Kane :D