Friday, November 26, 2010

Harry Potter och Dödsrelikerna

Luch and I went out on a date the other night and we watched the new Harry Potter film at Greenbelt 3. The film's good. I already know what to expect since I have read the 7th Harry Potter book for like 3 times already. Hahaha. But I think the 1st part of the 7th Harry Potter film was able to give the audience the same feel and excitement as the book. Well, anyways, I have no plans of reviewing books or films...

I'm here to talk about that evening...

Just like any other date, we ate first. (parang ang pangit ng intro ko ah). I was in the mood for KFC so we went there. We were in Greenbelt anyways so we decided to eat at the KFC there.

While we were eating, I told him that this KFC for me is special... I know I sound weird right now but I dont care.

That KFC branch was the same branch where Nate and I used to go. Why? Its far from work. Far from people who knows us. I told this to Luch.

Luch already kinda sensed why I feel that that place was special so he wasnt really surprised with what I told him.

Yeah. I still remember what it was like eating there with Nate. I remember the details. But the feeling's no longer there.

At last, Im happy eating in my special KFC with a guy I know who's also in love with me.

I still wasn't able to eat a lot because I was sick for a couple of days. I didn't have the appetite to eat tons of food eventhough KFC's heart attack on a bun tastes amazing. Well....for me.....

After dinner, we get to take out 2 pizza rolls or whatever you call them. Hahaha.

To tell you the truth, I kept on telling Luch how excited I was to watch that film. I was like a little schoolgirl with pigtails. Only almost 6 feet tall. Hahahaha...

The film started. The light were low. I didn't really expect Luch to do that but he did anyways. He held my hand. He rubbed and massaged it. He really is sweet. Our hands were intertwined. I know there were tons of people there but whenever I'm with Luch, I didn't care even some people would stare. Whenever Im with him, it feels like we're the only two people alive here on earth.

Sigh. The power of love. Mapapa-english ka talaga. Hehehehe.

When the film was over, we went home na din agad. It's just Thursday and we both have work the next day.

So why did we watch it on  Thursday night? Kasi mas konti ang tao. Hindi masyado hassle. And we cant do it on a weekend kasi it's Luch time with Joe, his other boyfriend.

I know what I signed up for. And I also know its consequences. When I'm jealous, I just suck it up and be a man. Pinasok ko ang ganitong set up eh.

I almost forgot....I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday night...I had a bad dream...

which is really weird talaga...kasi I almost never remember my dreams. But this one is vivid and almost life like...

Luch was about to go to New Jersey. Why New Jersey? I dunno either. At eto pa. Sasakay daw sya ng train from Makati to New Jersey. Hehehe. Tapos sabi nya sa akin na hindi na daw kami magkikita...tapos bigla na lang sya nawala. Then I was chasing his train, just like in the movies, but I wasnt able to catch him at all....then Luch woke me up...

Luch was like "Huy! Huy! Gising! Gaspard!"

When I woke up and became conscious of what's happening, I realized that I was crying. That real tears were pouring down my cheeks. When I realized that he's still there, I hugged him and made him promise that he wont leave me and go to New Jersey.

Hiyang hiya talaga ako at nangyari yun. Buong umaga ako inaasar ni Luch. Bad trip. Ginagaya nya pa ako kung paano ako umiyak. Hehehe

I love my Luch sooooo much....he will always be mine

I know Im selfish. Ganun talaga eh.

Thanks sa treat ah bebeboy ko! I love you sooooo much!

Thanks nga din pala kasi ipinagluto mo ako ng masarap mong adobo.

I really love spending nice evenings and pigging out with you sa condo mo.

Condo? Oh new "home" pala...

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