Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yow S!

Hey S!

Finally nagkatagpo din ang ating mga landas. LOL. After how many months din sa wakas ay nagkita din tayo. Hahaha.

"S" is a good friend of mine na una kong nakilala sa isang social networking site months ago pa. I think 6 or more months ago pa. And after all the planning and the date setting, we finally met each other sa Shangrila. (I dunno what Shang. Its my first time commuting by MRT alone eh so muntik na naman ako maligaw. Hehehe)

We bonded over text messages and chatting over the course of those months and we started to get to know more about each other.

Actually, sa mga buwan na iyon, we're giving each other support or advice when it comes to our complicated ( and weird ) love life. Hahaha. Madalas ang emo time namin when we talk with each other.

Going back, I was able to meet him na sa wakas (lagi na lang kasi may excuse kami sa isa't isa kaya hindi kami matuloy tuloy dati. Hehehe)

It was nice meeting friends din who kinda knows what you're going through. Someone you can relate too. Im fortunate I was able to meet this guy.

This goes to you S...

Divert your thoughts muna. Things will be easier soon. I assure you that. Maybe he just needs time to heal himself. You're still young and there will be a lot of things ahead of you. Be positive. At huwag mo akong gagayahin. Hehehe. It was really nice of you to give me advice. I feel like your big gay brother na nga eh. LOL. Text text lang ah! See you again soon. Maybe next time I'll get to bring K and Luch. Or maybe even Pojke. Hehehe.

Let's practice our French more often. My French is getting kinda rusty. Hahaha

Friday, December 24, 2010

Jag älskar mat! (I love food!)

And not just because its the holiday season! I eat a lot...as in A LOT. Ewan ko ba pero baka sa previous life ako, isa akong kargador sa pier or isang construction worker.

I know its kinda weird pero I was soooooo fat before I even had pictures of food in my phone...seriously.

I think was waistline was 40 inches. Yeah. I think it is. I saw my prom slacks just this week. Gives me chills down my spine. Bbbrrrr....

I dunno how I lost the weight. Maybe I just grew taller? Maybe I passed puberty na? I didn't exercise that much and I didn't even bother taking diet pills before but the weight didn't go back na...Was it just baby fat? I think so.

The photo above is was taken a few months back. I really dont have anything much to do so I decided to just eat. I was alone then so I didn't even bother making pa-cute kapag nakain. So I ordered what I feel like ordering. At ayan ang kinalabasan. Meal na pang 3 tao. Ayan ang "before picture" pala.

At itong nasa kanan naman ay ang "after picture". Parang dinaanan lang ng bagyo. Sigh.

Maybe I have super human metabolism na din kaya no matter what I eat, hindi na ako nag-ge-gain ng weight. Maintained na lang.

But for the past few months, I have decided to take care of my health more seriously. Recently, I have made two trips to the hospital...in the same month. Tsk tsk. I was kinda worried na din eh but the doctors said na wala naman daw akong sakit. (Nag-iinarte lang?!?! Hahaha)

So this time, I'm gonna work out and hit the gym more frequently. We have equipment sa house namin but I just use it whenever I feel like using it. Sigh. Minsan lang pala talaga maging bata. I should take the opportunity na while I'm young, work out. Magiging plus points din yun sa pagiging isang model. (Pinipilit ako ni Luch na mag-work out. He can't wait to see me in one of those runway shows. I wish I could pero insecure pa din ako sa katawan ko.) (Hindi naman kasi "katawan" talaga ang pinapakita sa commercials and print ah! hehehe)

By the way, since I'm talking about food, nagugutom ako. Pero mamaya na ako kakain. I just wanna share these pictures to you guys.

Since I'm not good at cooking "real food" (pero magaling ako when it comes to desserts!), laging instant ang niluluto ko. Pancit canton. Instant mami. Instant fried rice. Sigh. And whenever I stay at Luch's condo and ako ang in charge sa food, I always order/pa-deliver/bring KFC, Jollibee, Mcdo, Chowking, Yellow Cab, "Panta" (as in "pantawid gutom" - kapag short na sa budget..hehehehe) etc...

Hindi na daw healthy ang kinakain namin. Alam ko naman yun eh. Pero masarap kasi. Hehehe.

But you know what, kung ako hindi ko sya maipagluto, si Luch, kaya nya akong gawan ng food. At hindi lang basta food. Masarap pa. I really appreciated all of his efforts when we have dinner together at his condo. He cooks real food for me while I just buy junk food. LOL.

Eto ang ilan sa mga nailuto nya na sa akin...And I have the habit of taking pictures of the food he cooks for us.

Isang kare...isang menu...isang dinugu...isang siniga....heheheh..joke lang. Isang masarap na adobo ala Luch! (Muntik nya na akong sabuyan ng toyo ng sinabi kong "wow! Ang sarap ng chicken curry!)

Eto naman ang isa sa kanyang mga creations. Tuna with chunky tomatos in wheat pasta. Syempre kelangan talaga may itlog. Ito ang isa sa mga favorite ko.

Ito ang pinaka-best! (Pinaka na, best pa!) Grilled chicken sandwich with romaine and iceberg lettuce in wheat bread! OHA! Healthy na healthy! Parang gusto ko nga magpagawa nyan ngayon eh.

I think for some of the people out there, the food tastes best when it was prepared by someone who cares and loves you. The scent and flavour mixes well with the sweet conversation that you have with them while eating. And the fact that you know that it was someone you love who exerted effort to cook something for you makes the food even more special...Tama nga ang kasabihan. "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

Thursday, December 23, 2010

God Jul alla!

Happy Holidays :D

Den tjugoandra december, två tusen och tio

I had fun last night! Luch and I went out on a date eh...

Oh, by the way, this entry will just be short :D

These are the highlights of that evening...

1. Late na naman ako...as usual...wala talagang masakyan na taxi kahapon...and I was in MAKATI

2. Halos makipag-away pa ako sa konduktor sa bus. Bad trip! Wala lang panukli, tinarayan na ako! (Padabog akong bumaba ng bus!)

3. Nakasakay din ng taxi! (Medyo bulok pero okay na din...choosy pa ba ako? Late na naman ako eh.)

4. Late ako ng 21 minutes sa date namin. Hehehe. Love you, Luch! Thanks for understanding. (Kung nabasa nya ito, sure akong mapapabuntong hininga na lang sya. Hehehe)

5. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants at Greenbelt 5! (Bochog na naman ako syempre dahil sa dami na kinain ko.)

6. We watched a movie at Greenbelt 3. (Ang cool ng special effects. The experience could have been better if we watched it in 3D but its too late na eh.)

7. We shopped for a Christmas gift for his monito-monita thingy. (Ang weird ng pinabibili sa kanya eh.)

8. I was like a kid again when we entered Toys R Us. I was all over the place. When I was about to show Luch that I found a great toy, I caught him just standing at the other side of the store. I didnt know what happened. Its as if I when I looked at him, it was like the first time. (Parang kanta lang ni Taylor Swift ah.) (And this is the best part pala of the whole evening...I dunno why pero lalo akong na-in love sa kanya.)

9. We walked back to his condo. Nakapang-office attire kami parehas and my feet hurt because of my leather shoes, but who cares...Im walking right next to a man I love.

10. He was calling me "bebeboy" eventhough we're in public. Hahaha. ("Haaay, nako bebeboy, blah blah blah. heheheheheh). Ang sweet nya...sigh...

Anyway, thanks for the night Luch. Ulitin natin ha!

Beau slår tillbaka

For the people who has been reading my blog for the past few months, I guess you already know who Beau is. For those who doesnt, then you can read them...Mahirap mag-explain at magkwento eh... baka mapa-English pa ako so wag na lang...

Anyway, since balik na ako sa aking dating department, balik na naman ako sa aking mga original partners sa office, pati na din sa aking team...well, that includes Beau :D

He has been consistently asking me about my love life and since hindi ako out sa kanya, hindi ko sinasagot ang kanyang mga tanong...I learned that he was asking a close officemate about my love life nga eh. Parang adik lang.

He asked me to go out for lunch nga one time and since it's not gonna be just the two of us (3 kami...Beau, a girl officemate who knows that I'm gay and me). After lunch, we went to Timezone to play around a bit...

After work, I decided to go home na din...I'm tired and I still have to do some other stuff. That's when Beau told me something. Mahal nya na daw ako. Dati pa. JOKE LANG! Hahahaha!

Sabi nya, sabay na daw kami since parehas kaming taga-south. We took the bus and sat right next to each other. He was complaining that it's now gonna be a problem for him na pumunta ng Makati since he's not renting anymore sa city. He has to leave his house two or three hours ahead of time para he can make it on time sa work...

Naawa naman ako kay Beau..syempre, naging crush ko din naman sya in one point. Hahaha.

We were talking about our job, studies, love life (seriously...nagulat nga din ako eh), now that we're gonna resign from our company...blah blah blah... so on and so forth...

The ride back home was tiring and long. I didnt notice that I fell asleep na pala. Nagulat na lang ako nang pagkadilat ng mata ko, nakasandal na sya sa balikat ko. I remembered the times that I was really trying to figure him out.

I can say that I'm over him. Ang tagal nya eh. May nauna na tuloy. Hahaha. But we're still good friends though :P

Goodluck sa bago mong work ah!

(He plans on being a med rep....gagamitin nya na lang daw ang charms nya para kumita..LOL)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Andra Månaden...

Time flies so fast when you're really having fun...or when you're just in love.

Luch, just so you know, it's our second month together. I know you just think of monthsaries as regular days but for me, it's a bit special. To make this entry a bit special, I'll try my best na hindi ka barahin sa post na ito. Promise. Wala kang kalaban laban eh. Binabasa mo lang kasi. (Mag-comment ka naman or mag-leave ng message sa cbox!)

Going back, I'll try my best not to make this entry cheesy, mushy or chummy.

For the past two months, I've learned things about you and things about myself too. I want to thank you first for sharing things about yourself. Thanks for introducing me to the people you consider special. Thanks for bringing me to your home in Bulacan. Thanks for letting me sleep over sa condo mo. Thanks for letting me use your towel when I finish taking a bath (thanks talaga kasi kung ako yun, hindi kita pahihiramin talaga..hehehe)

Thank you for helping me be more mature, with decisions and how I should act. Thanks for being so understanding kahit na most of the time, I know that you feel you're still talking with a teenager (kasi naman 21 lang ako...)

Salamat din kasi okay lang sayo (alam ko hindi okay sayo talaga kasi conscious ka sa body mo) ang kumain tayo ng madami. Kasalanan ko ba kung malakas talaga ako kumain? Mabilis naman ang metabolism ko eh. Hehehe.

Thanks for pushing me to become better. Thanks for letting me create a real plan for myself. For my own future. Alam ko stage boyfriend ka. Hehehe.

For the next days, weeks, months (or maybe even years) that we're gonna be together, I'll make sure that Im gonna be the best boyfriend ever. Because I know that you love me.

I know that most people will not understand our situation. I accepted the fact that people will always have a variety of opinions. I chose this because I've found love. Because I've found someone like you.
All of us have dreams. Wishes that we constantly hope that it'll come true.

Gusto ko maging isang matagumpay na modelo or artista (HAHAHAHAHA). Ang maging isang Power Ranger. Isang magaling na polyglot. Makapunta sa iba ibang bansa. O makatagpo ng isang tao na gusto kong hanapin agad sa bawat paggising ko sa umaga.
Sa ating ikalawang buwan na magkasama, masasabi kong natupad na ang isa sa aking mga pangarap. Ang maging isang Power Ranger.

Luch/Bebeboy, mahal na mahal na mahal kita. Happy 2nd monthsary...

(ano ito? gagawin ko ba ito every month? sigh)

(Luch! Regalo ko! Pasko na! Hehehe...Jag älskar dig så mycket!)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ett år Gamla

I never really thought that this blog would even reach a year...For those who didn't know, I started this blog to vent all of my feelings and emotions last year, 2009.

I was, and still am, not out so I don't have anyone to talk to about my sexuality...and of course about my love life.

This blog was dedicated to this great person whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year...And it was the first time I felt myself give in to someone like that. Nate was his name. And I loved this guy very much. He taught me new things about myself.

Some of you don't know that I've done silly things just to get over this guy. And there was also a point, I think, that I was begging...Those days are long gone. I know that he's a very special person. And up to this point, I still consider him a friend, though bihira na lang kami magkita.

But still, "kahit hindi man naging kami sa huli, siya pa din ang first love ko..."

I kept this blog eventhough I was over him na. I learned that this blog should not be about other people. This blog should tell stuff about who the writer is. And I think I've done that naman, kahit na hindi maayos minsan...(OK! Fine! Madalas!)

Minsan, natatawa na lang ako kapag binabasa ko ang mga past entries ko. Ang daming errors...Ang daming jokes na corny...Ang daming times na kinikilig pa din ako...Madaming chummy na lines...Madaming nakaka-depress na thoughts...May mga times din na minsan, feeling ko isa akong makata...hindi naman...

I think by reading my blog, I actually see myself grow as a person. I get to see how I mature. How my thoughts and ideas change over time.

The good thing about blogging is that I get to "meet" (by reading their blogs) wonderful people. People who are somehow going through the same thing as I am. I can tell stories to people and it really feels good to know that somehow, someone reads and appreciates what I write here...

I started writing here, feeling quite depressed and sad. Now, I am somehow celebrating my blog's first year, happy and in love. I still am looking forward for the next stories that I'll write here.

This blog is a part of me na din. My very own space in the internet. My online journal.

Happy 1st birthday, aking munting blog...

The Model in that Blog

Pokalen Pojkvän (Trophy Boyfriend)

Iibahin ko ng kaunti ang definition nya ah. Im gonna define a "trophy boyfriend" as a handsome, young man (young dapat), that is successful in his chosen career (or at least has a stable job), who earns for himself and  is well educated. He is someone who takes care of himself too. He goes to the gym and wears something good. He is also someone that you can present to your family and friends. Someone that you can fool around with. Someone who can be your bestfriend. And most of all, someone who loves their partner very much. In short, yung tipong nasa "Stepford Wives", minus the weird stuff.

Pati ako na-weirdohan sa naisip ko. Maybe, just maybe, a lot of people would like to be the perfect boyfriend for their partner, girlfriend, boyfriend...

But the thing is that nobody can be the perfect person for you. You can only find "perfect beings" in dreams, magazine pages, novels, TV shows and movies. You would have to escape reality and live with someone that cant exist.

If you're gonna ask me if I wanted to be a trophy boyfriend, it would be a yes and a no.
Yes kasi I can be the ultimate boyfriend! HAHAHA! Yung lahat ng guys or girls magkakandarapang mapasakanila ka pero hindi pwede kasi loyal ka sa isa lang. I think it feels good to say "Sorry guys. I'm taken". You'll get to be someone that they can only wish to have. Like a very expensive jewelry. You can only look at it but never have it. (HAHAHAHA! Natatawa ako sa mga sinasabi kong kalokohan!)

And no kasi mawawalan na ng thrill. Ng spice ang isang relationship. Wala ka nang flaws for your partner to accept or to love. A relationship wont be colorful. Just imagine kung ano na lang ang ikekwento mo sa mga apo mo, right? Sasabihin na lang ng mga anak or apo mo na "ang boring naman ng lovelife mo, Lolo" or "bakla si Lolo?!?!"

Ewan ko ba kung bakit ko ito sinusulat. Dahil siguro wala akong magawa? Ahhhh...honga...bored na talaga ako...sigh....

Friday, December 10, 2010

Para sa lahat ng mga kabit dyan...tulad ko....GULP!

For some odd reason, I cant seem to find the video nung "Kerida de Amor" sa youtube..


I think some of you guys might have seen that video...

Ayun yung video na nahuli nung wife ang kanyang husband na kasama ang kanyang kabit sa Market Market...Tapos biglang naging mabangis na asong buntis yung wife at nilapa ang kabit? Adik talaga ang wife na yun! Ang lakas ng grip! Halos matanggal ang buhok ng kabit...(which I think is pretty compared to the wife). Siguro tumutira ng steroids yun eh...

Anyway, I just noticed na the guy still followed the kabit at the end of the video...maybe nahiya lang sya sa wife nya? I dunno...

Naawa ako dun sa wife kasi she was cheated on...and dahil na din sa kahihiyan....At naawa din ako sa kabit kasi halos matanggal na ang kanyang anit...pati na din sa kahihiyan....At naawa ako dun sa guy...kasi tanga...hindi marunong magtago...hahahahhahaha

Seriously, when I watched that video, I imagined myself in it. Paano kaya kung mangyari sa amin yun ni Luch? What if all of a sudden, bigla naming makasalubong si Joe sa isang mall tapos bigla nya na lang akong pagmumurahin at bugbugin....

GULP!!! Ayoko mangyari yun...Aawayin ko din si Joe...Hindi dahil may karapatan akong awayin sya (ako na nga ang nakikabit eh) kundi dahil ayoko masaktan! (Paano na ako magiging artista kung puro kamot at stitches ang mukha ko diba?)

I asked Luch kung ganun si Joe. Wala daw sa character ni Joe na maging ganun.

Pero you'll never know diba? Hahaha

Kelangan talaga mag-ingat...

Ayoko masaktan. Ayokong masaktan si Joe (alam ko...nasaktan ko na sya...hindi nya lang alam). At higit sa lahat, ayokong masaktan si Luch. Ayokong dumating ang point na he will have to choose between the two of us. Or has he chosen already? I dunno. And I dont want to know.

Den Första (the first)

Our first official fight as a couple just happened a few hours ago. Weird ko noh? Pati mga fights namin recorded sa blog na ito...Hehehe...Anyways, it was kinda petty now that Luch and I are good with each other again...
Oh, by the way, I'm typing this sa office...I have soooo much time to kill so I decided on typing na lang din...and spilling my thoughts...spilling kasi lagi naman sabog ang utak ko eh...
Going back...

Nagkukulitan at naghaharutan (ano English ng "naghaharutan"?) kami ni Luch sa bed nya. Niloloko ko sya kasi we were watching America's Next Top Model. Then he was commenting on the girls/models. Tapos he was saying kung sino daw ang mananalo. And he's asking me to look at the pictures. Ininis ko sya...

"Luch! Bakla ka talaga! Fan ka ng America's Next Top Model noh?"

"Hinde! Kasi nakita ko lang sa Facebook yan...Ikaw talaga!"

"Weh? Feeling ko every week mo pinapanood yan eh! Kilala mo nga yung mga girls eh."

"I just like looking at their pictures, bebeboy."

"Wushu! Bakla ka talaga! Eh bakit may DVD ka ng Project Runway?"

"Hahahaha! HINDI AKIN YAN! HAHAHAHA! Sa friend ko yan!"

"Bakit nandito!?! Ikaw ah!"

"Dont worry. Makikilala mo din yun. Hahaha!"

And so we were able to finish the whole show and then it was time to call it a night and sleep. At dahil makulit at isip bata pa din ako, hindi ko sya pinapatulog. At dahil sinasakyan ako ni Luch sa aking pagiging teeny bopper ko (I dunno what the hell it means but it sounds cute so I'm gonna use it anyways), nakipagkulitan din sya.

I have this fear of ghost eh (sino ba ang wala, diba?). Kahit na niloloko lang ako, kinikilabutan talaga ako. Ang problem kasi, I overthink at kapag nangyari yun, mapapaginipan ko and I wont be able to sleep again. Tsk tsk. Ang gustong pang-asar ni Luch sa akin ay yung kaharap ko sya tapos bigla na lang magkukunwari na may nakikita sya sa may likuran ko. I hate it. Feeling ko talaga kasi meron eh. At syempre, dadaganan ko sya at pilit na yayakapin. Naaasar talaga ako kapag ginagawa nya yun. Madalim kaya sa condo nya kapag gabi at patay na ang mga ilaw!
So napagod din kami sa kulitan....

COMMERCIAL: Binigyan ako ng Christmas card ng officemate ko ngayon ngayon lang. Ang sweet. I prefer simple things than magagarbong regalo. I love messages because they last longer than tangible gifts. Napaka-sentimental ko. Hahaha. So alam nyo na ang ire-regalo sa akin ha! (example; isang thoughtful message, pero dapat naka-engrave sa isang iPhone 4 or isang short poem na ikaw ang gumawa na nakasulat sa gold plates)

going back...

So napagod din kami sa kulitan and it's time to go to sleep na. I realized that it was a Thursday night na pala and we wont see each other again. Sa Monday na ulit kasi his other boyfriend, Joe, will be here. I joked him na buti na lang, may gagawin ako this weekend.

"Bebeboy, buti na lang may gagawin ako this weekend."

"Ah ganun ba?"

"Yeah, buti na lang may booking ako."

"Ah talaga? Ako din eh. May ime-meet din ako sa The Fort."

"Weh. Kasi sa akin bebeboy, totoo talaga. Yung taga-4th floor, remember?"

"Ah siya ba? Kasi ako si _ _ _ _ eh (I hate this guy for some reason...pina-blatter ko na nga sa mga pulis eh)."

"Whatever. I know you won't. I have eyes bebeboy. I'll know what you're gonna do."

"Kaya nga I wont go to the gym tomorrow eh. I'm gonna meet _ _ _ _."

Dito na nagpantig ang tenga ko. It really pissed me off. Alam ko na nga ang itsura at name ng mokong na yun eh. Nako! Wag syang magawi sa daan ko kundi bilang na ang araw nya. Badtrip.

The whole night, I didn't even bother talking to Luch. I was mad at the thought of him meeting up with other guys. He said that he was just kidding and that I shouldn't take that seriously. But its too late. Na-badtrip na talaga ako.

Kahit na niyayakap nya ako. Kahit na niloloko nya ako na may multo sa likod ko. Kahit na hinahalikan nya ako. Astang bato lang ako.

"Bebeboy! Last night na natin ito magkasama this week! Hindi mo pa ba ako yayakapin?"
Wala. Walang epekto. Masyado ako nabwisit sa kanya.

"Sinakyan ko lang ang joke mo. Nanguna ka tapos mapipikon ka? Bahala ka."

Natulog kami. Nakatalikod kami sa isat isa. Hindi ako makatulog. Mainit pa din ulo ko. Hinimas nya ang likod ko. Hindi pa din ako kumibo.

Its 3am na. Hindi pa din ako makatulog. I tried going around the condo. Looking for something to do. I checked the door locks. Just to see if they were locked or not. (Hindi ko kasi matandaan na na-lock ko eh.)

Akala yata ni Luch, aalis ako ng condo. Bigla syang bumangon. Nagulat ako. Akala ko kung napaano sya.

"Uy! Bakit? Matulog ka na. Maaga ka pa bukas." I said it without any hint of being sweet or anything.
An hour passed. He was already sleeping. I gave in. I can't stay mad at him anymore. I hugged him until I fell asleep.

In the morning, he didnt even kiss me. He didnt even talk to me. Parang wala syang nakikita.

"Im sorry."

He did his usual morning routine. He's still ignoring me. I was sad. I screwed up a night that was supposed to be wonderful and lovely.

"Luch. Kausapin mo naman ako."

He's still not talking to me."

Ewan ko ba. Whenever I feel hopeless and depressed, I curl like a baby and try not to cry, which Im bad at. Imagine. Im a big/tall guy. Curled up in a ball. Trying not to cry but then there are tear tracks already in my cheecks. I felt so alone.

He gave in. He kissed me. His sweet kiss. We apologized to one another. He does know how to make a kid feel good. Eventhough he's 10 years older than me, he tries to understand my immaturity. I feel that he loves me eventhough Im an effin retard. Sigh. Ako na! Ako na ang maganda!

We hugged each other tightly. Tears were still falling down sa cheecks ko.

"Bebeboy, yuck naman. Basa na ang shoulder ko. Alam mo ba na aside sa pawis at sperm, ayoko din ng luha ng iba sa katawan ko!"

"Alam ko pero wala akong pakialam! Mahal kita Luch."

"Mahal din naman kita Gaspard."

He went to work na. I know I love this guy. And I know he loves me too.

"Uy! First time natin nag-away ah! Ilalagay ko ito sa blog ko ah!"


I know what we're doing is wrong no matter how you look at it. Ganito talaga. Kapag mahal mo na ang tao, wala nang pero pero.


Just recently, my college friends and I met and they noticed something different about me. They told me that when I smile, there are sparks. That I look better than before. That I'm in love. They can sense it.


He went to work. I stayed a bit sa condo nya for an hour and a half more. Humiga ako sa kama nya (namin). Nandoon pa din ang amoy nya. Inisip ko, oo nga. Nasayang lang yung gabi dahil sa kaartehan ko.

Nakangiti akong bumalik sa bahay (dahil hinahanap na ako ng aking mga magulang!) Hindi na daw ako nauwi! Hahaha!

Inisip ko na lang. Pampalubag loob, kumbaga. Sa lunes, kasama ko na naman ulit sya eh. Babawi ako sa aking bebeboy.

Kung binabasa mo ito Luch, patay ka sa akin! Takutin mo pa akong may multo sa likod ko, malilintikan ka na talaga....

One last thing.

Mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita...See you on Monday bebeboy ko...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Till Joe (To Joe)

It's Joe's birthday this weekend...that means I wouldn't get to see my Luch again...just like every weekend...sigh...oh well...Im kinda getting used to it anyways....

not being able to see him on weekends...uhmm...what else....I guess that's the only thing we dont get to do often... hahhaah...

Joe! Happy 31st birthday!

you know what, eventhough I love your boyfriend and we're together now....and we get to do stuff behind your back....I still wish you all the best. I hope that you will be more successful in your chosen career. I hope that you will be happier for the years to come. I know that Luch still loves you very much. Love him just like the way he loves you. (I know I sound weird.) I was nice meeting you by the way. I remember you telling me that it would be nice to hang out again. Yeah it is. You're a nice guy, Joe. I know why Luch loves you too.

I guess I'll just see you soon then, if ever it will happen again :D

One last thing....

I hope you're not reading this....heheheh