Saturday, December 18, 2010

Andra Månaden...

Time flies so fast when you're really having fun...or when you're just in love.

Luch, just so you know, it's our second month together. I know you just think of monthsaries as regular days but for me, it's a bit special. To make this entry a bit special, I'll try my best na hindi ka barahin sa post na ito. Promise. Wala kang kalaban laban eh. Binabasa mo lang kasi. (Mag-comment ka naman or mag-leave ng message sa cbox!)

Going back, I'll try my best not to make this entry cheesy, mushy or chummy.

For the past two months, I've learned things about you and things about myself too. I want to thank you first for sharing things about yourself. Thanks for introducing me to the people you consider special. Thanks for bringing me to your home in Bulacan. Thanks for letting me sleep over sa condo mo. Thanks for letting me use your towel when I finish taking a bath (thanks talaga kasi kung ako yun, hindi kita pahihiramin talaga..hehehe)

Thank you for helping me be more mature, with decisions and how I should act. Thanks for being so understanding kahit na most of the time, I know that you feel you're still talking with a teenager (kasi naman 21 lang ako...)

Salamat din kasi okay lang sayo (alam ko hindi okay sayo talaga kasi conscious ka sa body mo) ang kumain tayo ng madami. Kasalanan ko ba kung malakas talaga ako kumain? Mabilis naman ang metabolism ko eh. Hehehe.

Thanks for pushing me to become better. Thanks for letting me create a real plan for myself. For my own future. Alam ko stage boyfriend ka. Hehehe.

For the next days, weeks, months (or maybe even years) that we're gonna be together, I'll make sure that Im gonna be the best boyfriend ever. Because I know that you love me.

I know that most people will not understand our situation. I accepted the fact that people will always have a variety of opinions. I chose this because I've found love. Because I've found someone like you.
All of us have dreams. Wishes that we constantly hope that it'll come true.

Gusto ko maging isang matagumpay na modelo or artista (HAHAHAHAHA). Ang maging isang Power Ranger. Isang magaling na polyglot. Makapunta sa iba ibang bansa. O makatagpo ng isang tao na gusto kong hanapin agad sa bawat paggising ko sa umaga.
Sa ating ikalawang buwan na magkasama, masasabi kong natupad na ang isa sa aking mga pangarap. Ang maging isang Power Ranger.

Luch/Bebeboy, mahal na mahal na mahal kita. Happy 2nd monthsary...

(ano ito? gagawin ko ba ito every month? sigh)

(Luch! Regalo ko! Pasko na! Hehehe...Jag älskar dig så mycket!)


engel said...

yiiii. happy monthsary.

ang sweet naman. :)

Gaspard said...

heheheheh...thanks kuya engel :D

happy holidays pala to you and your Kid!

wanderingcommuter said...

haaaang sweet naman nito... congrats sa monthsarry niyo!

Gaspard said...

thanks wanderingcommuter! Btw, happy holidays :D