Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beau slår tillbaka

For the people who has been reading my blog for the past few months, I guess you already know who Beau is. For those who doesnt, then you can read them...Mahirap mag-explain at magkwento eh... baka mapa-English pa ako so wag na lang...

Anyway, since balik na ako sa aking dating department, balik na naman ako sa aking mga original partners sa office, pati na din sa aking team...well, that includes Beau :D

He has been consistently asking me about my love life and since hindi ako out sa kanya, hindi ko sinasagot ang kanyang mga tanong...I learned that he was asking a close officemate about my love life nga eh. Parang adik lang.

He asked me to go out for lunch nga one time and since it's not gonna be just the two of us (3 kami...Beau, a girl officemate who knows that I'm gay and me). After lunch, we went to Timezone to play around a bit...

After work, I decided to go home na din...I'm tired and I still have to do some other stuff. That's when Beau told me something. Mahal nya na daw ako. Dati pa. JOKE LANG! Hahahaha!

Sabi nya, sabay na daw kami since parehas kaming taga-south. We took the bus and sat right next to each other. He was complaining that it's now gonna be a problem for him na pumunta ng Makati since he's not renting anymore sa city. He has to leave his house two or three hours ahead of time para he can make it on time sa work...

Naawa naman ako kay Beau..syempre, naging crush ko din naman sya in one point. Hahaha.

We were talking about our job, studies, love life (seriously...nagulat nga din ako eh), now that we're gonna resign from our company...blah blah blah... so on and so forth...

The ride back home was tiring and long. I didnt notice that I fell asleep na pala. Nagulat na lang ako nang pagkadilat ng mata ko, nakasandal na sya sa balikat ko. I remembered the times that I was really trying to figure him out.

I can say that I'm over him. Ang tagal nya eh. May nauna na tuloy. Hahaha. But we're still good friends though :P

Goodluck sa bago mong work ah!

(He plans on being a med rep....gagamitin nya na lang daw ang charms nya para kumita..LOL)

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