Thursday, December 23, 2010

Den tjugoandra december, två tusen och tio

I had fun last night! Luch and I went out on a date eh...

Oh, by the way, this entry will just be short :D

These are the highlights of that evening...

1. Late na naman usual...wala talagang masakyan na taxi kahapon...and I was in MAKATI

2. Halos makipag-away pa ako sa konduktor sa bus. Bad trip! Wala lang panukli, tinarayan na ako! (Padabog akong bumaba ng bus!)

3. Nakasakay din ng taxi! (Medyo bulok pero okay na din...choosy pa ba ako? Late na naman ako eh.)

4. Late ako ng 21 minutes sa date namin. Hehehe. Love you, Luch! Thanks for understanding. (Kung nabasa nya ito, sure akong mapapabuntong hininga na lang sya. Hehehe)

5. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants at Greenbelt 5! (Bochog na naman ako syempre dahil sa dami na kinain ko.)

6. We watched a movie at Greenbelt 3. (Ang cool ng special effects. The experience could have been better if we watched it in 3D but its too late na eh.)

7. We shopped for a Christmas gift for his monito-monita thingy. (Ang weird ng pinabibili sa kanya eh.)

8. I was like a kid again when we entered Toys R Us. I was all over the place. When I was about to show Luch that I found a great toy, I caught him just standing at the other side of the store. I didnt know what happened. Its as if I when I looked at him, it was like the first time. (Parang kanta lang ni Taylor Swift ah.) (And this is the best part pala of the whole evening...I dunno why pero lalo akong na-in love sa kanya.)

9. We walked back to his condo. Nakapang-office attire kami parehas and my feet hurt because of my leather shoes, but who cares...Im walking right next to a man I love.

10. He was calling me "bebeboy" eventhough we're in public. Hahaha. ("Haaay, nako bebeboy, blah blah blah. heheheheheh). Ang sweet nya...sigh...

Anyway, thanks for the night Luch. Ulitin natin ha!

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