Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ett år Gamla

I never really thought that this blog would even reach a year...For those who didn't know, I started this blog to vent all of my feelings and emotions last year, 2009.

I was, and still am, not out so I don't have anyone to talk to about my sexuality...and of course about my love life.

This blog was dedicated to this great person whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year...And it was the first time I felt myself give in to someone like that. Nate was his name. And I loved this guy very much. He taught me new things about myself.

Some of you don't know that I've done silly things just to get over this guy. And there was also a point, I think, that I was begging...Those days are long gone. I know that he's a very special person. And up to this point, I still consider him a friend, though bihira na lang kami magkita.

But still, "kahit hindi man naging kami sa huli, siya pa din ang first love ko..."

I kept this blog eventhough I was over him na. I learned that this blog should not be about other people. This blog should tell stuff about who the writer is. And I think I've done that naman, kahit na hindi maayos minsan...(OK! Fine! Madalas!)

Minsan, natatawa na lang ako kapag binabasa ko ang mga past entries ko. Ang daming errors...Ang daming jokes na corny...Ang daming times na kinikilig pa din ako...Madaming chummy na lines...Madaming nakaka-depress na thoughts...May mga times din na minsan, feeling ko isa akong makata...hindi naman...

I think by reading my blog, I actually see myself grow as a person. I get to see how I mature. How my thoughts and ideas change over time.

The good thing about blogging is that I get to "meet" (by reading their blogs) wonderful people. People who are somehow going through the same thing as I am. I can tell stories to people and it really feels good to know that somehow, someone reads and appreciates what I write here...

I started writing here, feeling quite depressed and sad. Now, I am somehow celebrating my blog's first year, happy and in love. I still am looking forward for the next stories that I'll write here.

This blog is a part of me na din. My very own space in the internet. My online journal.

Happy 1st birthday, aking munting blog...

The Model in that Blog


engel said...

Ganun naman talaga, we get over things pag nailabas na natin siya.

happ blog anniversary!!! sulat lang ng sulat. :)

Gaspard said...

thanks for reading what I write here kahit sabog...hahaha! Thanks (kuya) engel! Hugs! :P

Ex Jason said...

Happy anniv! at congrats kasi masayang masaya ka ngayon. =)

Gaspard said...

i am...sigh... (if you could only see my smile now) hahahahahahh!

thanks for dropping by Jason :D