Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yow S!

Hey S!

Finally nagkatagpo din ang ating mga landas. LOL. After how many months din sa wakas ay nagkita din tayo. Hahaha.

"S" is a good friend of mine na una kong nakilala sa isang social networking site months ago pa. I think 6 or more months ago pa. And after all the planning and the date setting, we finally met each other sa Shangrila. (I dunno what Shang. Its my first time commuting by MRT alone eh so muntik na naman ako maligaw. Hehehe)

We bonded over text messages and chatting over the course of those months and we started to get to know more about each other.

Actually, sa mga buwan na iyon, we're giving each other support or advice when it comes to our complicated ( and weird ) love life. Hahaha. Madalas ang emo time namin when we talk with each other.

Going back, I was able to meet him na sa wakas (lagi na lang kasi may excuse kami sa isa't isa kaya hindi kami matuloy tuloy dati. Hehehe)

It was nice meeting friends din who kinda knows what you're going through. Someone you can relate too. Im fortunate I was able to meet this guy.

This goes to you S...

Divert your thoughts muna. Things will be easier soon. I assure you that. Maybe he just needs time to heal himself. You're still young and there will be a lot of things ahead of you. Be positive. At huwag mo akong gagayahin. Hehehe. It was really nice of you to give me advice. I feel like your big gay brother na nga eh. LOL. Text text lang ah! See you again soon. Maybe next time I'll get to bring K and Luch. Or maybe even Pojke. Hehehe.

Let's practice our French more often. My French is getting kinda rusty. Hahaha


engel said...

ang saya no, pag finally nameet mo na yung mga friends na kasundo mo kahit di mo pa nakikita personally. :)

Gaspard said...

it is...soooo..ikaw naman ang next? hahahahah

engel said...

hmmmm... :)