Sunday, January 2, 2011


Syempre, ano pa ba? Edi sisimulan itong post na ito sa walang katapusang pag-alala sa nakalipas na taon at  ang mga balak mong baguhin sa iyong sarili sa taong ito...blah blah blah...

2010 was a good year for me. Well, honestly, I dont remember much of the things that happened this past year. So maybe I'll just be thankful for the things that happened to me in the past. I know that 2010 gave me , well not just me, trials and walls to face but I know that I have overcame those obstacles. I am really thankful that I am still growing as a person and each day gives me new experiences. I am thankful for the people who has helped me grow, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

I'm always gonna be thankful for the people who shared their time with me, not just in 2010 but also for the previous years. I would say that I will always be thankful for the laughs they shared, the tears we cried, the hugs we...uhmm...sige na nga....shared ulit (wala akong maisip na ibang word eh...hehehe), the kisses that made me smile, cry and long for someone.

Ayoko magpaka-emo sa post na ito kasi hindi naman talaga ako emo. See. Nauubusan na nga yata ako ng english kaya nag-tagalog na ako eh. Hehehe.

Going back, (commercial break lang yung tagalog kanina...may tissue na ako sa ilong eh), I'm thankful that Im keeping this online journal, for without it, I wouldn't really know what happened in the past. I know I said this already in a previous entry but I'm gonna say it again. This blog kinda helped me know who I am by reading the things I write here.

My religion encourages us to have our own journal. I had been keeping journals before, like waaaaaayyy before pa, maybe since I was in elementary school? Im not really sure. Anyway, journals will be something that can be a part of you. In a way, it can be you or any other person, living and breathing, only in soft pages of a leather bound journal or within the walls of a blog.

I'm thankful that my family is still strong. I know that we have encountered tons of trials together but I know that none of those will ever pull us apart. I think I might have mentioned that my parents were thinking of getting an annulment. Good thing it didn't push through. I can say that prayers still work.

2010 gave me new things to think about when it comes to love and relationship. Though I cant say that Im a good example when it comes to this, I can say that it's nice to fall in love. It feels good to smile just because you thought of someone, and you know that that someone is also thinking of you. The feeling that you get when you see him there, sitting right beside you, knowing that somehow, you can make things work and last. And the kisses that will always sing of love and passion. A tight hug because you miss each other so much. And the rush that you get when you get to see him again and again and again like its the first time you met him. These are the things that I am thankful for. Thanks guys. You know who you are.

To my friends, I am indeed very thankful. I know you always have my back. And you get to tell me things that only a family member could. I love all of you like you're my brothers and sisters. I am thanful because you always tell me to be my own self. To be who I am. To be a good person. You get to smack me when I do something bad and when my judgement is hazy. You get to point out the things that I'm doing wrong. And for those things, I am thankful. You always help me grow. The best part is we also get to see each other grow.

Luch, you made my 2010 memorable too. I love you so much. I hope we'll stay longer. Let's face 2011 together...Oh yeah...don't forget Joe. Hehehehe...

2010, thank you very much...

Now, 2011...

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