Sunday, January 2, 2011


I am looking forward for the things that will happen on 2011. I can say that I am ready to face new challenges and experience new things. I hope to grow more as person, in all aspects of life.

These are the things that I'm planning to do this year...

  1. Be more productive. I guess I did only a number of things this year. I hope I'll be busier this year.
  2. I hope to book more jobs compared to last year. 2010 isn't really my year when it comes to commercials and print ads.
  3. I NEED/HAVE/MUST go to the gym. ASAP. If I'm gonna take my modeling seriously, I should not only have the face but also the body to meet the clients' demands and wants. Plus, we plan on going to Boracay again this year so I SHOULD be HOT.
  4. A job change. My Chinese horoscope tells me that a good month for my career is February. That's a good sign. I have the whole month of January to look for a job, and possibly a career that I will love.
  5. Maybe have my own place in the metro. Or in Makati. I'm getting tired of going back and forth from Manila to Cavite. Arrrggghhh.
  6. Be stable and independent. Financially. I have to stand using my own two feet. After all, it's part of growing up.
  7. Attend church services more. Heavenly Father never forgets us, specially when we need guidance and help. I guess it's just proper to do my part.
  8. Always tell and show people that I love that I LOVE THEM.
  9. Try to be more confident and have more belief in ones capabilities.
  10. Smile. It helps other people realize that there's still something in this world that is worth waking up every morning for.
This is it for now. For all of you guys out there, have a great 2011!


engel said...

ikaw na ang modelong hot!!! :P

Happy New Year Gaspard!!!

Gaspard said...

Happy new year kuya Engel!


p.s. gusto ko na maging hot! huhuhuhu