Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hail...Hail...Alma Mater...

One lazy afternoon, Luch and I was just eating sa kanyang condo...

when my phone rang(!) (O.A. lang)

It was an HR guy calling from one of the companies where I submitted my resume. I think for those who has been following my blog, alam nyo na siguro na naghahanap nga ako ng panibagong work kasi tinatamad na talaga ako sa aking current job.

So going back...

HR Guy: Hello! This is "HR Guy" (napaka-creative ng name) calling from "Company A". I'm looking for Mr. Gaspard?

Me: Heller!

HR Guy: Hello G. I have reviewed your resume and I would just like to ask if you're free right now for a phone interview?

Me: Yes. Sure!

HR Guy: Okay! Well I see here that you were applying for a "foreign-language-analyst-thingy" (I forgot the actual name of the job) post?

Me: Uhm...Yes.

HR Guy: Okay. Let's start with your academics. I have been reviewing your resume and I see here that you have a degree in International Studies, am I right? From DLSU?

Me: Uhmm...Not really. As you can see on my resume, I quit school when I was in my third year. But I can say that I am more than competent and more effective than other applicants.

HR Guy: Do you plan on continuing your studies in the future?

Me: As of this moment, I can say no.

HR Guy: Well Gaspard, thank you for expressing your interest in applying in our company but unfortunately, one of the basic requirements is to have a degree from a college or a university.

Me: (Awwww.) I'm guessing that you don't make exceptions, huh?

HR Guy: Sorry but we don't.

Me: Well, it was nice talking to you HR Guy. Thanks.

HR Guy: You're welcome. Have a good day.

Me: Thanks!

Right after I hang the phone up, I became sad. Really sad.

In reality, the opportunities for employment for undergrads like me are very limited. People won't really consider your application. Awww. Ang harsh. I have read somewhere that in Filipino society, you're nothing if you don't have a university or a college degree. I used to think that degrees are just something that you can brag to other people. I think that it does not necessarily show that you are intelligent and more capable than non-degree holders.

I know that education is more valuable to a man than his gold. I don't think that it should mean that you would have to finish a certain level in a formal school to be a well-educated person.

Na-depress talaga ako...

Siguro nagtatanong kayo kung bakit ko iniwan ang school?

I just didn't feel like going to school anymore. That's it. Don't think na I'm not good at studying. Well, I graduated as class valedictorian when I was in elementary, graduated from high school as an academic scholar and when I went to college, I was a part of the Dean's List.

Parang bigla na lang nawala ang passion ko for going to school. Too much pressure to do good siguro. Kasi nga my parents expect a lot from me.

I declined to enroll the following term and I quit school. I told my parents that I need time on my own. To decide what I really want to do in my life. You see, when I was still in school and I was being pressured, I started have depression.

I've been asking myself what I really want to do in life. From then on, I didn't attend any classes. I flunked most of my courses, even the easiest ones. Plus, I didn't really know the value of my university courses. Basically, I wasted my tuition fee.

I decided to tell my parents to give me time. I decided to work just to kill time and divert my thoughts until I'm "ready".

So ayun nga...tumagal na akong nagta-trabaho for a BPO company. I used to like my job until I felt na I'm just working there for the sake of working. I didn't have the drive anymore. Pumapasok na lang ako kasi nahihiya ako sa mga co-workers ko. That's when I decided to leave my job and started looking for another one.

So eto nga...Tumawag si HR Guy from Company A at hindi ako tinanggap!

Tapos, biglang nagsalita si Luch.

"Alam mo kung matalino ka talaga, tatapusin mo yang degree mo eh. Maganda ang school mo, may nagpapa-aral sayo tapos ayaw mo pumasok? Nakita mo nangyayari sayo?"

I was like "You don't have to rub it in! Huhuhu!" (sa utak ko lang yun)


Ayun nga. Pinagalitan na naman ako ng boyfriend ko. The worst part is tama sya sa sinabi nya.

The following day...



Ang ending? Start na ng classes sa May 25!

De La Salle University - Manila, we meet again!

Humanda sa aking pagbabalik!


gillboard said...

congratulations on your decision to go back to school!!!

-engel (tinamad maglogout/login)


Yuan said...

Woah! Kung kailan ka naman nagenroll at nagdecide bumalik eh doon nmn ako gagraduate. Fellow CLA here,sir. Are you ISJ, ISE or ISA? ^^

Darc Diarist said...

gujab! cheers and a lot of luck for school! :)

Gaspard said...

@ engel - thanks thanks...btw, graduate na ba si Kid? DLSU din ba sya? Hehehe

@yuan - secret! hahaha! hanapin mo ako dun!

@ darc - thank you! May discount na ulit ako sa bus at jeep! Haha

Yuan said...

feeling ko your an ISE student. sana nga makita kita bago man lang ako mag-march. ^^

sa 25 na start niyo. good luck!