Sunday, November 27, 2011

Att Hålla En Tyst

I type a lot of things here in this online journal.  But there were some I don't have the courage to even post. The emotions and ideas that I typed, I think, were so raw and unfiltered. I don't post them because I think it will have negative consequences on me and my boyfriend. Those entries were too personal to even post them online,I'd rather read them to myself. I think those entries were some of my most beautiful, not because it was well written but it's because those were the entries I've written when I'm truly inspired, when I'm really stupid, when I feel really bad and on the verge of breaking down, when I see no point in continuing this madness, when I feel like love is not really enough, when I feel like I couldn't forget the things that happened in the past, when I don't trust, when I'm unfaithful, when I don't give a damn anymore. But I won't post them.

There is something about us. 

I've learned that there will always be some things that should only be known by you. There should be something that should be left private and for your eyes only. You should know how to shut it. You should know how to feign emotions.You should keep it to yourself even though at some point, you feel that your knees could no longer bear the weight.

Adele - One and only

In silence, you will learn how to value yourself. And be honest to the only person you should never tell lies to. Yourself.


gillboard said...

there are things you need to keep away from a public venue like your blog, but that doesn't mean you have to keep it to yourself. you can tell somebody, a trusted friend or wise family member perhaps. you wouldn't know if you're doing the right thing if you don't tell anyone.

Gaspard said...

i guess youre right. maybe i'll tell them soon. not now, but hopefully soon.

imsonotconio said...

pano kita follow? dfi ko mahanap :(

Gaspard said...

copy my link then add it to the blogs you follow when you sign in to

walang shortcut method kapag ganito pala ang layout ng blog. hahaha

thanks conio! XP