Sunday, January 8, 2012


A few days from now, it's no longer going to be 2011. In fact, it's going to be 2012. I didn't know how fast time flew until just recently. Maybe many of us are blogging the things that made 2011 special or the things that were really memorable. This time, I'll just write something about me and what happened to my 2011.

11 Things That I Should Be Thankful For
- my family that has always been there behind me and always supporting me
- my partner, Luch, for being the ever supportive and handsome boyfriend
- the trials/problems that I or we encountered for it made me/us a better person
- the endless opportunities that kept on coming
- a job that made me realize to strive harder and further
- friends that always cares for me eventhough there were times that I put other matters ahead of them
- the fact that I was able to value education and it's impact on people (and employment)
- I can be a shallow person at times so I'll put money, new clothes, food and so on :P
- people who appreciates what I write here in my blog/journal
- ang mga walang katapusang pangangaral sa akin ni Luch about so many things
- my pet dog for reminding me to not take things for granted

11 Things That I Hope Would Happen In 2012
- have a wonderful and stable job
- buy myself a car
- travel abroad with my loved ones
- have a real savings account
- be more fluent in the languages I'm studying
- finish my degree (hopefully)
- give back to my family
- be hotter and sexier
- have an even more fruitful lovelife
- be more active in the church
- be more mature and responsible

11 Things That I Regret Happened in 2011
- not focusing too much on my career and education
- wasn't able to balance most of the things in my life
- spent too much idle time and not doing anything
- prioritized the wrong things
- thought of plans without really executing them
- wasn't able to update my journal and write the experiences that I had
- I lied and wasn't exactly honest
- didn't do my best
- intentionally trying not to be serious and mature
- didn't set goals or achievements
- didn't have the initiative to straighten out my life

11 People That Inspire Me ( not really 11 )
- my Dad, because he's Superman
- my Mom and my sister-in-law, because they're still have time to be beautiful inspite of our problems
- Luch, for being that best boyfriend ever
- my older brother, for being a good father to his son and a good husband to his wife
- my sisters, who makes me laugh and always feel at home
- my nephew, a testament that you can cry, pee and poop in your pants and be greedy and still look cute, funny and adorable
- Robyn and Adele, for writing and singing some of the best songs that I've ever heard
- Chan Than San and Choi Si Won, just because I want to be as hot and as sexy as they are
- my college professor, because learning and studying should be continuous and should never stop
- Ivanka Trump, shows that you can be smart, beautiful and successful all at the same time
- Anne Curtis, because if you're going to be the mistress, you have to be sobrang ganda (kung si Anne nga hindi umubra eh!)

The above blog entry was written last year before the year ended...I didn't know why it took me some time to post this. Maybe I wasn't that satisfied. Hhhhmmm...


topics for my next entry:
- my new job
- nang tumilapon ako mula sa sinasakyan kong tricycle
- my new year celebration with Luch


CNA Training Online said...

Those resolutions are great.. I do hope hat you can achieve them.. Happy new year to you..

Anonymous said...

ang labo na ng mata ko. yung active sa church, ang basa ko eh "maging attractive sa church" sahree!! happy new year bor! :)

Gaspard said...

ayun din pala! kasama din yun sa plans ko for 2012! thanks for reminding me...hahaha..happy new year Jepoy :P