Sunday, February 19, 2012

På Alla Hjärtans Dag

Feb. 13, 3012

I already saw this coming and to tell you the truth, I was fine with it.

Last year, 2011, Luch told me that he'll be spending Valentine's Day with Joe in Palawan.

Joe bought some seats and accommodation and they'll be staying there for 3 days and 2 nights.

I'll be left in Makati for the whole week. Alone. With just work to make myself busy and not pity myself.

Being the other guy makes you a holiday orphan, some might think. I accepted this when I became boyfriends with Luch.

Luch and I celebrated Valentines on February 13, a day ahead. We did what a usual couple does on a Valentine's Day. We ate out. Had fun hanging out. Had hot monkey sex. Made kulitan throughout the whole day.

It was really great.

Made me feel like I'm his only one. Sort of.


Feb. 14, 2012

But our date had to end since I had to prepare for work, and he had to prepare for his tour with Joe.

We packed our stuff and made ourselves ready.

I felt handsome and dashing on Feb. 14.

Sinamahan ako ni Luch pagbaba ng condo papunta sa mga taxi.

"Mahal na mahal kita. Mag-ingat ka ha. I'll try to update you once in a while", bulong nya.

"Okay. Enjoy lang kayo ha. Love you, bebeboy. Mami-miss kita. Haha." sagot ko.

I hailed a cab. Sat inside. Told the driver to drop me at Quezon City. Waived goodbye at Luch.

I was smiling.

I texted Luch "Happy Valentine's Day."


Feb. 14, 2012

Just when I thought I was okay, a tear dropped on my left cheek.

Na-iinggit ako.

I wished I was with him on that day.

I wished I was his one and only.


citybuoy said...

Oh crap. This was the first thing I read today and it just so happened that it's raining in my neck of the woods. Your post makes me want to play Adele at a blasting volume. Sing along with me? I dare you to let me beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... your one and onlyyyyyyyyy...


gillboard said...

well... it'll get better.


Gaspard said...

promise I'm hold in your arrmmmmmsssss!!! LOL

Gaspard said...

I know it will :)