Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ännu ett år, en annan födelsedag

I just thought of updating this blog after a very long time.

And this is just a continuation of what happened here and this.

May mga nagtanong kung kaninong kamay ang hawak ko sa picture na ito...Malalaman nyo na kung sino.

Medyo matagal na din kami magkakilala ng lalaking ito.

Gwapo sya at matipuno.

Tisoy kaya type ko.

Malakas ang sense of humor at higit sa lahat, marunong makipagsabayan sa pagiging immature ko.

I started going out with this new guy since last March.

I asked him tons of questions about the things he's done in the past.

He answered them truthfully.

I can tell his sincerity sa mga sagot nya sa akin.

Hindi na ako nagtanong pa ng iba.

For the first time, in a long time, I was satisfied with his answers. No more cliff hangers. No more "I'll-tell-you-next-time" sort of answers.

Although medyo matagal ko na sya kilala, may nalalaman pa din akong bago sa kanyang bago.

Bigla syang nagbago since the last time we met.

Which is quite weird.

Natatandaan ko na sinabi nya sa akin dati na he'll tell me some secrets in due time.

He told me that nung around 2 or 3 months pa lang kami magkakilala.

I didn' expect na sasabihin nya na sa akin ang mga sikretong iyon.

He was being apologetic.

He made me laugh.

He made me feel loved.

I just missed Luch even more.


It was this guy's birthday just recently.

I just bought 3 mini cakes from Starbucks because there's no decent bake shop na open ng ganung kaaga.

It was a Saturday.

I took a cab and went to his place really early in the morning.

I'll surprise him, I said to myself.

I'll make his birthday the best day ever.


And so I did.

And he loved it.

And he loved me.

Even more.


I don't know if we're being too fast.

Or if we've already moved on.

But I didn't care.

I had my own piece of heaven here beside me.

Eto na naman ako....Nagpapadala sa bugso ng damdamin at emosyon.

Pero bahala na si Batman. Ewan ko kung ano ang kinalaman nya dito sa story na ito pero bahala na sya.


He told me he loves me. With all his heart.

That tone was different from the last time I've heard it being said to me.

In a heartbeat, I told him I love him too.

I let my walls down again.


So soon.


I sang him a happy birthday before we went to sleep.

We were hugging each other.

He ran his hands through my hair and kissed me. A very different kind of kiss.

Kasi gums to gums. LOL.

And we slept until our heads ached.


Happy Birthday Luch :)

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